Monday, August 17, 2009

Puppy news and puppy pix

Lydia, our new Great Pyrenees puppy, spent her first full day with us looking cute and peeing. (Outside. Most of the time. I trotted her outside every fifteen minutes on the fifteen minutes starting at 4:30 am. I'll leave you to do the math for how many trips this makes since I'm too tired to think straight.)

Naturally everybody in the neighborhood and beyond inquired about her. I got a call from our neighbors. Our pastor. Some friends in town. My parents. We had visitors galore, all eager to see the new face.

At one point we had no fewer than seven kids fawning over her...

With predictable results:

Lydia is fourteen weeks old and about 25 lbs. She came to us courtesy of two of the nicest people I've ever met, Carol and Jim from Agape Ranch. These people extended the most unbelievable kindness to us after losing Gypsy. I won't go into details about our transaction, but I will say that these people are Christians in the true and humbling sense of the word.

Carol and Jim, thank you for bringing this little bundle of mischief into our lives. We anticipate a whole lotta fun with her! Especially after she learns shoes are off limits!


  1. What a wonderful blessing !!!! Jim and Carol are terrific Christians and good people. We love them. As a matter of interest -, we are Jim's parents. Chet and Betty

  2. Chet and Betty - no kidding! Way cool! You did a good job raising your kid, that's for darned sure.

    I *so* enjoyed my visit with Jim and Carol while picking up the puppy. I hope to see them frequently.

    - Patrice