Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lest we forget

In a wonderful show of solidarity, cartoonists from all over the country devoted their strips to 9-11 today.

Here are some that that especially caught my eye. Click to enlarge as necessary.

Now go hug your family.


  1. We will NEVER forget.
    We mourn today,and pray to God for the souls of all those who were lost, all the innocent lives, at the contemptuous evildoers hands due to their beliefs of hateful, false religious and ideological idol worshiping.
    We mourn the loss of many of our freedoms in America.
    Reflect on what this has done to our country and how it now impacts our individual lives as citizens. We are a changed country, forever.
    How could we ever forget when fear and evil is now embedded into our society, just smirking and lurking,and just waiting for another opportunity to victimize our entire society.


  2. Thank you for this post, life as we knew it will never be the same, prayers for our country and all who lost loves ones 10 years ago today

  3. Nice tribute, Patrice. Innocence lost and innocents lost.

    Anonymous Patriot

  4. May I also suggest the blog posting by Lawdog:

  5. Amen.

    The hideousness of Islam on full display.

    Also never forget the heroes of Flight 93 that day. What they did is still incredible to me.


  6. Patrice, here in St Louis at the St Louis Art Museum a display of almost 3000 ten feet high flag poles were set on an area known as Art Hill. Pictures can be seen on the blog of Just scroll down to see the pictures. Thanks for the tribute to the Americans who died on the attack of our nation on September 11, 2001.

  7. .

    As we remember the heroes of the 9-11 Attacks let's not forget the Moslem villians screaming 'allah akbar' who did this...

    It took the German people over 50 years to shed their NAZI related guilt and it'll take just as long for the Moslems to get this bloodstain off their collective hands.

    Forgiveness is nice but forgetfullness is suicidal.


  8. Dear Patrice,
    Thanks for another inspiring post -- the product of your inspiration is here:

    I hope I have done you proud.

  9. Seriously, I think besides seeing things like this happen, is a man crying because of sorrow. Such a heart-wrenching sight to see them breaking down.