Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Younger Daughter has been wanting to cut her hair again. She has very thick hair that's hard to keep from getting knotted, so she likes it shorter. It's always harder on me than on the girls when I cut their hair 'cuz I love long hair!

Both girls cut their hair almost two years ago and donated it to Locks of Love. Older Daughter's hair isn't quite long enough to donate yet, and Younger Daughter's was barely long enough.

Here's the "before" picture:

In a pony tail at the minimum length...

Hold my breath and...chop!

She loves it short! (Don trimmed and evened it up later on.)

Seemed kind of strange to see this disembodied pony tail hanging around...

...but it will be put to good use.


  1. Wife has short hair, oldest daughter has short hair, youngest daughter has long and will not cut.
    Me I have almost none and the 3 boys short.

  2. I think Younger Daughter gave up a foot but grew another one!!!! :)
    --K in OK<><

  3. I meant in height, of course! Just compare last haircut to this one!
    --K in OK <><

  4. What a wonderful, selfless thing your daughter did - I'm so proud of her.

  5. Daughter looks very cute with the shorter hair. I like it!
    We had a massive, clawed foot iron stove like that when I was young. My Dad would make pancakes on the oval tops every Sunday and when we received oranges and nuts in our stockings for Christmas, we would put the peels and chestnuts on the hot plates of the stove. Oh, I can still smell that wonderful aroma! It also had a big oven door that opened with a foot latch and the top had a warmer that opened and closed like an old fashioned bread box. When we would come in from a day of sledding, my Mom would heat up that stove, open the oven and we would warm our feet in it. Wish I had that iron beauty now. Thanks for the memories, Patrice!

  6. Don, Patrice, you guys have done good raising those girls of yours. Wonderful they woud be willing to donate their hair to such a great cause.

    Tell the girls to keep up the good works.


    PACNW Righty

  7. it is a good thing that you and hubby are good at the haircutting...i was always forced to have short hair growing up...soon as it touched the shoulder out would come the shears.. in december 2008, when i got laid off from work, i made the decision not to cut my hair again until i could afford the works...i dont trust my husband with a pair of scissors anywhere near my head/hair.

  8. Patrice, love your long hair and your columns that I've seen on Please never cave in to the liberal, feel-good Locks of Love scam. There is a glut of hair, so much so that they sell most of it. Your DD wanted to cut hers anyway, so that's fine. Bob