Friday, September 2, 2011

Snark rebuttal

In response to the snark I received this week from Alex, my husband decided to rebut Alex's points one by one. Don's comments are in italics.

Hello Patrice,

My name is Alex and I've have been an Economics and Sociology professor at [location of university removed so as not to identify the writer] for 6 years. [I’m not so sure. I’ve done extensive searches on the university’s website and can find no mention of Alex’s name. But perhaps he wrote under a pseudonym.] I just finished reading your article, "A Nation Bursting With Spoiled Brats." To start, I just want you to know that I'm not a Republican or Democrat. Nothing I say here is influenced by any political philosophies or motives. [Okay, this is just too stupid to be real. As you will see as you read on, EVERY thing that Alex has to say beyond this point is politically motivated as a part of the socialist/progressive/coercive mind set.]

I enjoyed the first half of your article and agree completely that Americans today are wayyy too spoiled, fickle, and unappreciative. There's no denying that.

However, I am concerned with your ignorant, insensitive, and elitist rant vilifying less fortunate Americans [You mean the spoiled, fickle, and unappreciative ones, right Alex?] (meaning less fortunate than you) that desire things such as free health care, affordable housing and food, and employment that pays a livable wage.

[First off, any “professor of economics” who can use the term “free health care” is a prime example of the failure of our education system. It ain't free, Doc. Someone has to pay for it. Likewise “affordable housing,” and food, and a “living wage.” Secondly, I desire a lot of things too. But desire without a willingness to work for these things is called envy or covetousness. And these are listed by just about every religion in the world as great sins, because they are the prime movers in nearly every form of bad behavior.]

I want to make clear that I do not support government pampering of criminals, illegal aliens, or lazy people who want to sit on their butts all day, and that I do not believe in punishing people for their success [except by sticking a government gun to their head and demanding a sizable portion of their “success” to support not only those down on their luck but also “criminals, illegal aliens, or lazy people who want to sit on their butts all day”], but your views expressed in your article is exactly what anyone would expect from a person as financially well off as you who has never known what it's like to really struggle in poverty and who is extremely out of touch with reality, especially with regard to urban life.

[Financially well off!!!??? Buddy, we work twelve hour days to remain comfortably at the upper edge of the poverty level. But we do so by choice so that we are home with our kids and so that we can be beholden to none but God. I'm absolutely certain that you, by yourself, make more money than Patrice and I do combined while working far fewer hours.]

A white American woman from the rural Mid-West who owns a business, a shop, a home on 20 acres of land, with home-schooled children, has a lot of nerve thinking she has the right to say ANYTHING against people who didn't come from where she did and who don't have what she has.

[I don't have what you have either, Alex. Does that mean you have no right to say anything against me? Apparently not. What was that you said earlier about Patrice's “ignorant, insensitive, and elitist rant”?]

You think everyone in America has 20 acres of land, their own business, and the same opportunities that a white American woman has, who has an American sounding name, and who's ancestors probably have been here since the days of the colonial settlers?

[Actually, her grandparents were Polish immigrants who worked in poverty, learned English, and sent their kids to school to do better than themselves. A proud family of immigrants who left their despotic socialist country behind and came to the land of freedom to become proud Americans. And what IS your fascination with WHITE women??]

Do you think for example, that a person in the inner-city or suburb, who has a parent or family member who's a drug addict or who barely speaks English or who has no idea how the American economic and financial system works [So far I've seen no sign that YOU understand how our economic or financial system works. But you've got an excuse. You're a progressive professor.], whose family lives off of 11,000 per year from their slave-wage job, who went to poor schools with bad teachers [Remember: highest per student expenditures: Washington D.C.] and, as a result, got a poor education, and who live in a drug and crime infested community – do you think such a person is going to be inclined to be positive-thinking winner who goes out and seizes the world by the tail and be a success?

[And all we need is more regulation and more money to fix this problem, right? A trillion dollars spent so far on the war on poverty. Most going to fat cat community organizers and race pimps, and bureaucrats.  Oh, and liberal professors. If this poor family hates living where they do, they should work hard, save money, find a way to become better educated, AND MOVE! It's time they accept their role as free adults and not the children of government.]

Do you think a parent who has to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet and who can barely put anything away at the end of the month, and who has no time to pursue further education or even to take care of their own kids, is going to easily escape the economic prison they're in with their heads held up high?

[Hmmm. Let’s see. We work three jobs just to make ends meet. We rarely have anything left at the end of the month. We pursue our further education by reading (usually late at night) after long work days because we MAKE THE TIME FOR IT. And we still find the time to take care of our kids. All things are possible with God and with a willingness to do what is right. However, since I assume you aren't talking about us specifically, here's the answer to your question: Yes. If they stay married, get a high school education, wait to have kids until they can afford them and stay off drugs and booze. Works every time it's tried.]

Sure, it happens, occasionally. [All the time, man. It used to be the norm in America. That is, until the government started paying poor parents money to not  get married (or to separate) and produce more kids.] We always hear inspirational stories of people who succeeded in the face of enormous hardship or who started a business idea or invented something that soon made them a successful millionaire, but people need to stop rubbing such success stories in the faces of the masses because it is a huge misrepresentation of reality. [No it isn't, Doc. These things are common place. It's what has made us the greatest nation on earth. And it only become less likely if we continue our slide into the ‘command and control’ system of socialism. Remove the incentive to strive for greatness, and greatness ends.] The number of people who come from nothing and succeed in escaping their life of struggle and poverty are in the extreme minority! [Over 80 percent of today's American millionaires came from middle or lower-class families. And until the "War on Poverty programs destroyed the black family structure, black Americans were rapidly entering the middle class. Don't believe this? Read "Losing Ground" by Charles Murray. You might actually begin to get the education to go with your title.] Mathematical probability always allows for an occasional winner to slip through the cracks, the same as with the lottery. [Your chance of winning the lottery is one in millions. Your chance of escaping poverty by being married, getting a high school education, not having kids until you can afford them, working hard and staying off drugs is nearly 100 percent. I see you're every bit as good a statistician as you are an economist.] However, the average person who pursues the lottery just because of the "You never know" slogan, is a fool who will spend the rest of their lives trying and hoping, but will never win. Why? Because the system wasn't designed for everyone to make it and be financially well off. After all, if everyone had money and was doing well, the value of money would be worthless. [Oh God, give me strength! (That's a prayer, not taking the Lord's name in vain.) There is no way you can POSSIBLY be an economist. Money is an abstract, a handy way of moving the value of labor and time around. It's not a thing in and of itself unless you are an idiot socialist. Money only becomes worthless when the issuer creates more of it then the total value of work accounts for. Today this is referred to as quantitative easement.] The game is fixed and most people don't know the rules.

[The rules are simple when a coercive state isn't involved. So let me make it easy for you and anyone else that doesn't know the rules.

1. Work hard six days a week and then take a day off.
2. Remember and honor your parents and ancestors for all that they did for you. Teach you children to do the same.
3. Do not murder.
4. Do not break your word, especially for those whom you love and who love you. If you can't keep your vows, don't make them.
5. Theft is wrong no matter how you justify it. "It's for the children" or "They have more than they need" are the same justifications for theft when used by a back alley mugger or a progressive professor. Slavery is theft as well. And it doesn't matter if the slave is owned by a single master or a collective.
6. Don't lie or gossip. Be a person that others can depend upon.
7. Kill your envy of others. Work to improve your lot however you define it, but remember that no matter how great your material wealth, it ends with your last breath.

There. Those are the rules (mostly). I purposely left God out of the equation because I suspect that had I placed Him in His correct position at the head of the list, you would have hyperventilated. But even without inviting God into your heart, just following the rules above will give you a good life more often than not.]

In conclusion, my point is, do you think the people in the above two examples I mentioned can, whenever they need it or feel like it, go out and afford a nice health care plan, buy good food with nutritional value, or find a job that will allow them to live like human beings and not like slaves? [If they follow the rules above, more than likely.]

Should anyone be forced to live in a cramped, dirty, overpriced apartment or tiny cookie cutter house & lot where the neighbors on both sides are so close they can hear everything you do in
your own house and vice-versa? [Hee Hee!! When Patrice and I married, we lived in tiny cookie cutter house in a crime-ridden neighborhood with section 8 cramped, dirty, apartments next door (and we heard a lot!). We worked our tails off to get out of there. Eventually we left that city and moved to a four-acre property in Oregon. I say four-acre property because even though there was a "house" that came with the land, it was assumed we would tear it down. The roof leaked everywhere. The walls were literally one inch thick. There was no foundation. I had just started my woodworking business. Patrice worked nights as a waitress and went to school. The night work was important because it meant that one or the other of us was always home with our children. I took the babies to bed with me, a bottle of mothers' milk in my armpit to keep it warm for them. The wolf never came to our door because it knew the pickings were too slim. And we worked and worked. We didn't complain. We knew that that work was leading us to something better.]

In a greedy and corrupt economic and legislative system where the business owners and the wealthiest of the wealthy get all the breaks, loopholes, and advantages, and the masses carry all the nation's economic burdens, it is not socialism to even the bar a bit and give people a fair, human standard of living.

[If you took all the money from everyone and divided it up equally, inside of one year the same people who originally had the most would have it again. Sorry, but bell curves exist for a reason. When ever you take something from one person by the threat of force to give to another (while some of it sticks to your own hands "for expenses"), it's socialism. "Evening the bar" is another tool of the despot.]

You, like many Americans who use the word "Socialism," have no idea what it means. What you label "Socialism," I and many others call common decency and love for your fellow mankind.

[And you'll enforce that decency and love with a gun as needed. I do know what socialism is. It's the Gulag in the old Soviet Union. It's the concentration camp in Nazi (National Socialism) Germany. It's the "re-education" camps in China and Cambodia and North Vietnam. It's State sponsored slavery. And it's coming to America unless we expose it for what it is, and destroy it root and branch.]

And you call yourself a woman of God? [You are talking about the finest, most caring, most loving woman I have ever met, Alex. I don't deserve her. But God has blessed me with her despite my failings. Watch your mouth.] Do you think Jesus Christ would have spoken about the masses as arrogantly and insensitively as you have in your article? Do you think Jesus, when he was on earth, would have denied someone food, water, shelter, or would have refused to cure their ailment just because they didn't have money, were unemployed, had no skills, didn't go to college, or were lazy? [Your ignorance of the teachings of Jesus and his disciples is appalling. Get to a church that teaches the Word alone, then write back and apologize. We'll forgive you. Promise. But just a hint to start you out, read 2 Thessalonians 3:10.] The Bible teaches us to be hard, self sufficient workers but it does not teach us to be insensitive and arrogant towards the less fortunate and does not teach us to deprive others of help because they're poor and have nothing to contribute. Jesus Christ would have found your article appalling and disgusting. [Did you actually READ Patrice’s column?? Like the part where she said, "This isn't to imply we should sit like fat cats, cocky and smug and surrounded by affluence while we let others suffer. Of course not. It behooves us to be generous with our gifts from God." No. Of course you didn't read her column. After all, the whole point of your rant is an apology (in the old fashioned sense of the word) for elitist statism built on envy, covertness, fear, and violence.]

I would very much be interested in hearing what you have to say in reply, just as long as you have an open mind, can think for yourself, and do not spew a bunch of conservative rhetoric.


[So there you go, Alex. Let me make my opinion of you as perfectly clear as I can. You are a fool and a tool. You have no concept of logic or critical thinking. You are incapable of historical analysis. You have absolutely no business teaching puppies, let alone young people. You are therefore a credit to your progressive statist masters. You are the worst kind of elitist because you actually think that in the brave new world you envision, you will be one of the leaders. You are all for egalitarianism as long as someone else will be cleaning the toilets.

We've seen your type before: Human bedbugs who scream about your right to share in the warmth of someone else's body heat while you suck their blood. And before you start yammering about my lack of "Christian kindness," try this one on for size: I believe the pernicious evil that you and those like you represent deserves the same level of mercy as the temple money changers or the demon-filled pigs (Look them up. It will be a good start on your religious education.)

Alex, your philosophy and mine can never reach accord. Any compromise that would cause me to take even a step towards your way of thinking would take me away from the Good and a step closer to the horror that awaits if your world vision ever comes to fruition.

I will, however, pray for you. See, I have one thing going for me that I suspect you don't. I know what sin is. And I know I'm a sinner. And believe it or not, that knowledge is a strength, not a weakness, because I also know what I must do to be forgiven my imperfections. Alex, start your journey towards the Good by finding out what I mean. But stop teaching others your filthy lies until you've learned the truth yourself.

Now I know there are some of the Patrice's readers who are appalled by my harsh words to Alex. You no doubt feel that I have gone beyond the bounds of propriety and civil discourse.

And you know what? You're right.

But it is time to end this dangerous losing game of trying to make nice with people like Alex. The Alex's of the world happily plan for the day my children will be in chains. They are from the same mold as the monsters who supported Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union. Their concepts of "decency and love" are, in the end, the interior of the crematorium and the horror of the mass grave. You can no longer compromise with evil.]


  1. Patrice,

    I would have stopped reading the rant at "Sociology professor".

    What more did you need to know about this pinhead? The rest was entirely predictable.

  2. My wife and I have made it a point to ignore hateful, foul-mouthed, snark hypocrites, so we did NOT read the rant and we won't. These misguided souls are obvioulsy unhappy, lost and miserable, but believe me, they aren't looking for guidance or help. They're trying to make everyone else miserable, too! They needed a good spanking when they were children (and no doubt still do!), but since that's out of the question, the next best thing is to JUST IGNORE THEM!!!

  3. I haven't noticed anyone else citing Alex's full title. But what does (or should) economics and sociology have to do with one another? Other than being chicken bones and tea leaves "sciences". Jeff

  4. I'm a bit amazed that the socialist always try and convince you they have no ideological or political bent. Yet spout the progressive democrat party line consistently.
    I mean c'mon Patrice just because you don't have the latest Igadget, or a newer car, or eat fast food and buy lattes at the local coffee houses. Support yourself without help from the government. How dare you expect folks do what you have done? I mean you worked got some land improved it,saved your money and bought a bit of land and improved it. You take care of your critters night and day, Put in hay,wheat and a garden hope the weather is right for a harvest.
    I'm guessing in some respects this critter is right. You don't have a SNAP/EBT card so you don't get $300-$400.00 at the first of the month for a family of 4 for food. No SSD or SSI checks of $800.00-$1200.00 per month for one person. No medicare for you, if you are on SSD it's a cost of $120.00 per person per month, though I think SSI only has a copay on meds and Dr. visits that are $10.00 and $25.00 each. Well no section 8 housing for you and getting subsidized housing of paying $80.00 for an $800.00 rental. Oh an Energy assistance as well, The trick is to not pay your bill for a couple of months and need assistance to keep your power from being turned off.
    Dammit Patrice can't you see how these folks are suffering? and your arrogance causes it all! /sarc/
    Most of this I know as I'm a disabled vet and on 100% SSD disability. I have family on SSI and I know what they get as well in cash an benefits.
    If you are honest and frugal you can make it on both. You ain't living high on the hog. But it's doable to live well.
    Have a cell phone, Internet access, Basic Cable or Sat TV a PC and laptop. Now you can't go out every weekend to the bars or movies. Or buy lunch and latte everyday. But it's doable and can be a great life. I know I do it. I'm on SSD and a small vet benefit and I'm paying my mortgage, all my bills. Stashed a bit of food, growing a garden and learning to weave, spin, can, smoke and ferment from beer to sour kraut.
    I'd love for you to extend an invitation to this pinhead visit you for a couple of weeks in the spring for him to experience how easy your life is? according to him. Yes I lived in N. Idaho and the seasons are July, August Winter and Mud, or Construction.

  5. This another person's opinion. He is entitled to it. You may not agree with it but personal attacks get you no where. Read it or not, that is a choice, but no need to write nasty words in reply. There even may be grains of enlightenment in his comment!

  6. I do NOT agree with Don that he has gone "beyond the bounds of propriety and civil discourse". Don was simply revealing the truth. Has anyone thought, why are the progressives so against the truth ... it's because they are against God ... "Jesus said to him, I am the way, the TRUTH and the life" John 14:6

    Don has been blessed with wisdom and courage and most of all a wife that is an excellent example of a "woman of God". :)


  7. Love Don's editorials. I'm sure I will snatch a few of the snappy comebacks in the future when arguing with a "pinhead." Keep up the good work you two. A faithful reader.

  8. ARGH! I find yur responses to this man very reasonable, lIt doesn't mean that I was never on welfare, never lived in section 8 housing (yuc), never had food stamps. I did and I couldn't wait to get out of that rut. ogical and right minded. But, what do I now about it? After all,a I'm WHITE, middle class American woman who's family can trace her ancestors back the May Flower...BS to this Alex! Just because of my said demographics, doesn't mean that I never went hungry, that I always had health insurance and that I didn't work hard. I DID and we still continue to work hard to better ourselves. To think otherwise makes Alex a racists and a classist. I would never have been able to reply as nicely as you and your husband did. This is obviously a man who has never learned to walk in the other man's shoes to know what that means.

  9. Gives the name Alex a negative connotation, LOL. Nice rebuttal.

  10. Don,

    Harsh??? Uh-uh. Propriety and civil discourse??? Yeah, soon as they extend the same to us! I say BRING IT! I'm so sick of being pushed and shoved into the politically correct, tolerance closet I could scream!!! Horse manure! Shove them back, Don. We all need to shove them hard. Bull is bull and should be called out. And your defense of your "white woman" is extremely admirable and endearing. Keep up the good work, guys!

    a.k.a. - Blessed white woman, homeschooler with a house and shop on acreage.
    I'll alert the media around here how "financially well off" we are

  11. Excellent, well reasoned, thoughtful rebuttal. Unlike Alex's original comment I might add.

  12. I feel compelled to make an argument here. I grew up in a very disfunctional family, until I went to live in a Chilsren's Home. I spent the first few years of my "adult" life hating the world and thinking I was owed something. In this line of thinking I made many mistakes that ended me up in line for poverty,

    Then... I woke up. I realized that the world owes me absolutely nothing. I realized if I wanted something good from this world I would have to first accept God's word over all other, and second get up and do something to improve myself. I ended up getting married to a wonderful christian man who works so I can stay home and teach my daughter while going to school myself.

    We don't have a lot of money, but I scrape up what I can to go to a community college. While attending school, I have worked hard so that my grades are high enough that I will be able to get scholarships when I transfer to a university.

    Anyone can do that. Most colleges these days have payment plans, and there are private scholoarships for almost anything. I know a girl that receives a scholarship because she is allergic to latex. If someone really wants to get out of a bad situation they will find a way.

    Besides, as in my case, most bad situations are a result of our own making. There is a point where you have to quit blaming others and realize you have the ability to make your own choices.

  13. Don's rebuttal was fantastic. I don't believe he changed the mind of the professor, since that won't happen till there's a change of heart. Fortunately, Don has lead him in the right direction: Only God has the power to make such a difference in any life. Let's be really "mean" to the professor by having all your readers pray for him continuously -- because God loves him.
    Love your columns, love your blog. God Bless you and your family.

  14. I absolutely love this!!

    Way to go Husband of the Boss - especially the part where you told him to watch his mouth!

  15. Preach it, Brother! AMEN

    (from a Southern Baptist)

  16. Well said Don. I also agree with you, we must start calling these people out for what they are. We've tried ignoring them and they take that as a consent to spread their evil ideology.

  17. I totally enjoyed Dons' rebuttal!!! :o)

  18. Outstanding, Mr. Lewis! Thanks for the great rebuttal to this ignorant person.

  19. In the inspiring words of Dr. Laura, "You've got to stand up to stupid". (My favorite quote).
    No longer can we allow the intellectual's superior ignorance to "fundamentally change" our beloved country.
    The line between tolerably benign and incredibly destructive has been crossed.

    Well done Don.

    Red Rock

  20. Don and Patrice,
    The agenda is patently clear for the weak, easily lead by the nose, "Progressives". Their spewing scripts they adhere to and draw their weakness from, and their indolent actions of submission to a power other than that from God, are formulating an earthly history of leacherous, angry, intolerant, dependent citizens empowering their government with an idolotrous ultimate power of control on earthly men, and even, to remove God our maker and His Laws.

    Remaining silent and taking no action is an act of submission and thus allows an ebbing consent to that agenda and has accelerated us into this current sorry predicament we're living in and through today. We got lazy in our defenses and too complacent, and now they're knocking on our doors! It's long past due time for the God fearing faithful to open our mouths in rebuttal to our values, and take firm actions to regain that what we have allowed to be lost. All that was good and virtuous and morally Righteous, according to the word of God, and His Commandments, is our personal responsibilty. We will be made accountable for our failure to right what we have stood by that is evil. If we cannot take our country back down a righteous path, by fighting down the evildoers, then we will have to answer to God in our final judgements as to why we did NOT remain true to His teachings.
    Lead by His example. Correct others according to HIS Word. Trust the bible as man's history that is repeating, and be your own mortal leader on earth by empowering only HIM, teach and enforce the Sinai Ten Commandments given to us by God himself, as our worldly and heavenly Laws.
    Cast aside the evildoers.


  21. Don, Would you or Patrice think about running for President? Here's at least one vote for you, and I suspect many, many more are out there. Thank you for your plain-spoken truths.

  22. Wow...that was awesome. That was NOT improper at all. Truth is NEVER improper. I read this to my husband and he said, "Oh my. Send that to Rush." So well said that it is amazing. Good for you Don!!

    I think that it is interesting to note that this Alex person doesn't even realize that his socialistic utopia doesn't exist. It never has existed and it never will exist. There is no such thing as socialism. It is simply a tool for despots to take over as tyrants. Look at Chavez and Castro, for example. These were great spokesmen of 'socialism' but they only used it to coerce people into accepting their tyranny. No, socialism is just a word. There is only Freedom or Tyranny and no middle ground.

  23. FANTASTIC!! Don, that was a beautiful response! You are a true champion for truth, justice and the American Way! Can I call you Superman? OK, I'm getting carried away, but I get like that whenever I hear/read someone stating the unvarnished truth so plainly. Don your response was fantastic. I'm going to direct all of my friends to Rural Revolution to read it for themselves.

    As to those who think Don was "harsh" or "out of bounds"--grow up. One of the reasons why evil has flourished and liberty has withered in America is because not enough good people have spoken truth to evil. Speaking truth is sometimes harsh; that's just the way truth is. We must have the courage to speak it--harshly if necessary--if there's to be any hope of restoring liberty in America. God bless you both, Don and Patrice. You are both modern heroes.

  24. It's hard to compose a thoughtful response right now because I am so excited by Don's.

    For right now, all I can say is " GO DON !"

    Thank you for your passion.

  25. Too harsh? KBLAM! KBLAM! Better reload both barrels, I see 'im still wrigglin'! It's hard to kill a liberal as they have no spine or brains for that matter.

    Oooops - now THAT was too harsh?!

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  26. I LOVED this rebuttal. I was a "classic capitalist" person, you know, if someone doesn't work, they don't eat. In a way, I was an example of work hard, go to school, save your money, and you will get somewhere. I'm still of that thinking. The problem is, now all the hands are reaching for what *I* have 'cause I have "more" than they do, and "that's not right". In whose eyes?

    I'm surrounded by people who live off handouts. Literally. My neighbor is full of people who get SSI, food stamps/EBT/SNAP benefits, medical care, free rides on the transit system, etc. My husband's family is the same way. Yet when they run low on $, who do they come to? And they can't figure out why we refuse to help them sometimes, after all, they *need* it. It makes me soooo angry. Money is only a symbol of their whole mentality.

    At this point in my life, I'd rather gear down towards retirement (hey, I'm 62), but I would prefer to strike out on a piece of undeveloped land and try to make my own way, than accept government doles, as that would make the government (or Society, whichever you prefer) able to dictate to me what I could and could not do/say/think/act like/etc. I pay my own way and expect others to do so, too.

    The advice to get an education and then a job is SUPER GREAT. Marriage is good IF you find someone with similar mindset. Otherwise stay single, and DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN. Children aren't herd animals, so we don't need to look at them like little profit-makers or bill payers. And STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET.....

    Never said it was easy. That's for sure, especially nowadays. But it's the RIGHT THING to do.

    Kathleen in IL

  27. Well said Don. Don't worry about the "civil discourse" aspect of your reply. I've pasted a link to a utube vid below. The subject matter isn't important--the speaker, an egghead sociologist, doesn't like Las Vegas--what IS important is the telling verbiage starting at about 20 seconds in that shows how people like this subject and Alex think. They are so convinced of their own moral and and intellectual superiority that they feel qualified to dictate how people should live, and as this vid shows, they are also able to define reality and perception for others. Disgusting. The vid is here:
    Keep up the Good Fight and live your lives as YOU deem fit.

  28. Don, I've never met you, I don't know much about you ... but I'd be happy to stand by your side.

    Well done sir, well done!

  29. That there redundant feller is a right fair hand at word smithin' ain't he?

    And that there Alex critter's a yarn spinner. But the critter does serve one good purpose. It puts one a-mind of the value of the Ceaucescu remedy.

    Any of y'all thinkin' the r.f. is takin' a hard line with this Alex critter are welcome to head on down to the dark side and leave us to the living of life according to God's Plan.

    When the bad guys are coming over the hill, we want Don and Patrice by our side, and we sure as heck don't need treacherous lying squealers like Alex behind us. Pray for 'em and cut 'em loose. They're real smart. They'll figure it out.....won't they?

    A. McSp

  30. Don is a man. A real man. Sniff - His rebuttal to Alex brings a tear to the eye in this generally man-less culture. Jennifer in western NC

  31. Don and Patrice

    I just wish my family and I lived close enough to you and yours to be part of the same community. God, hard work and the correct perspective make your type of people the kind I depend on not the modern progressive collective.

    God bless


  32. I am glad you cleaned his clock. There is NOTHING in the scripture that requires us to make nice to thieves and thugs. We are too busy trying to make nice with a thief and God dropped two early church members on the meeting room floor for lying about their gift. They didn't cancel the meeting and send a grief counselor to Sapphria after Ananias was gone...

    The Mercy of God is beyond comprehension precisely because the judgment of God is so very real.

  33. I've never lived on food stamps, never accepted unemployment "benefits" or any other form of welfare or entitlement.

    I have, however:

    1) Shared an inner city tenement building with junkies and alcoholics (with a crime laden bar directly across the street).

    2) Survived on rice and soy sauce (beans were beyond my means).

    3) Fought my way out of those circumstances to make a decent life for myself.

    I would bet my left nut that our so-called "Sociology professor" never did any of that. Alex is just another less than useless Latte sipping Limo-Marxist who knows nothing of what he speaks.

  34. I wrote my first comment (top of the comments list) when this post was a mere place holder for Don's (yet to come) rebuttal.

    I found Don's rebuttal to be outstanding. Nice clock cleaning indeed. Like all other "Progressives", Alex is pure evil masquerading as supreme virtue.

  35. Absolutely a wonderful response to Alex, Don.

    It's time to stop allowing the Progressive Liberals to spew their evil venom without a truthful and blunt response. Those who are apathetic or tolerant of the destructive behavior and influence of these people are the reason the U.S. is in the mess it's in today.

    God Bless both you and Patrice. Your blog is one I check several times per day. Keep up the outstanding work!

  36. I thought this was a great rebuttal to Alex...Don you are a good man. My absolute FAVORITE part of the whole rebuttal was when you said, "[You are talking about the finest, most caring, most loving woman I have ever met, Alex. I don't deserve her. But God has blessed me with her despite my failings. Watch your mouth.]" It brought a tear to my eye because the love and respect you hold for your wife is so very evident. =)

    Welfare isn't bad if it's used the way it's meant to be used--as a tool to help you get over some bad things. My father was a dead-beat Dad and my mother didn't have more than a high school education so the jobs she could get were pretty limited even back in the 70's and early 80's. Plus she had 3 kids to take care of and all of the money she would have made working jobs would have gone to pay for the my mother needed the help. But she always worked and as we got older and could take care of ourselves, she was able to get off of welfare completely. (A side note on this--my brother, sister and I all have jobs and haven't been on welfare and we don't expect the government to take care of us...I think this is because of the "stigma" of growing up on food stamps...) Plus my mother set a good example of actually WORKING and letting us know that anything we really wanted in life we had to work for. So my Mom used welfare the way it was meant to be used--as a tool to help her and not become her way of life. I wish more people had my Mom as an example. She's a good person. I'm sure she was humiliated by her circumstances back then--all of her brothers and sister had very good and very well paying jobs and she was on welfare--but it made us stronger and better people. But I digress...

    I think it was a great rebuttal...=D

  37. No, Don, you did not go too far. Your last paragraph speaks volumes why we should stand up to the Lefties' rhetoric.

    25 years ago we moved to Michigan for a job I'd taken at an automotive supplier. They put me in a motel and gave us 30 days to find a place. Since we had a toddler, four dogs and several cats, we assumed no landlord would rent to us, and we ended up in Jackson, in a fairly bad section of town.

    After we moved in, we were befriended by a young woman who lived next door (nicknamed "Puddin") who fit much of Alex's profile for "the needy." like Patrice, my wife pulls no punches, and when this Puddin complained that she couldn't get a job because she couldn't read, Kathleen asked the obvious question: "Why don't you learn to read?" That never occurred to Puddin, but much later when I managed to build some shelves for our books, she was over, coyly displaying her new ability to read by reading off the titles.

    So many of these people have believed the lie - by people like Alex - that they are "victims" and need to be taken care of. All too often, plain laziness reinforces this mindset. We lived across the street from a schoolyard, with subsidised housing on the other side. As soon as the weather warmed up, there was a basketball game going 24/7 with able-bodoed young men spending all their time there.

    Human nature flinches at "work," and it is difficult to convey the greater satisfaction of actually accomplishing something instead of having it just handed over.

    Those of us on the right offer a solution that is akin to making sure a small child eat healthy foods. Those on the left offer candy.

    Don, your essay is one of the clearest treatments of the political divide that I have ever read.

  38. Very well said Don, thank you for speaking the truth!

  39. Standing O, Don, Standing O!! With your and Patrice's permission I would like to forward both the "snark" and "rebuttal" to my kin folk, Teachers in public schools, Pastors of a "real" church" one that teaches the Word of God, you know those Biblical things that get in the way of the thinking of those like Alex, and just plain hard working folk who live day to day, some homeschooling their kids and to my friends across this Great Nation, and our Northern neighbors.
    I only wish I had your patience in responding to such insane dribble. "Watch your mouth" (HIGH FIVE) I'm sorry to say I would have included a few more colorful words.
    I would be proud to stand at your back, along your side or know that you were at my back in any fight.
    Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned, unless it's a true and living husband that is man enough to defend his own!
    I take my hat off to you Sir.
    Redneck in Reno.

  40. Reno Redneck, we would be honored.

    - Patrice

  41. Nothing more I can add, except to say - Don, I like your style!

    I agree with others who have said the time is over for tolerating these progressive losers. If we don't stand up to them with facts and history and attitude, they will destroy our way of life. That is their goal, and they have the upper hand right now. Time to shove them back until they shape up or ship out.

    Oh, and if Alex is a professor of anything, I'd be very surprised.

    Lydia La La (perfect name for you), if you don't like personal attacks, then perhaps you should have addressed your comment to Alex.

    Geez, I am so sick and tired of smug elitist progressives who purport to want to save the world by destroying any freedoms that can still be found in it.

    Anonymous Patriot

  42. Way to go Don! Very well said. I loved it.

  43. Well said, HOTB!!! Amen!

    -Don F

  44. thankyou, socialist sister in law will be "amazed beyond speaking" when i finally stand up to her for her snarky remarks every time i see her...

  45. As my husband frequently says "When good men remain silent, evil prevails". My husband would have given the low-life the same warning Don did, "keep your mouth shut". That's how real men behave and protect their wives. I for one I'm proud to be married to a "real" man, as I am sure Patrice is.
    As for La La gal, if she doesn't like that Patrice and Don didn't roll over like a liberal to this snark, than go read someone elses blog. Real men don't let their wives get assaulted, even verbally.

  46. Excellent response sir to a statist/socialist/marxist fool. I stopped long ago conversing with these types.By allowing liberalism to flourish we have let the horses out of the barn. The lazy in our society have bought into their schemes and now those voters are perpetuating this evil system of "wealth redistribution". It has taken the very real threat of insolvency for conservatives to awaken and stir. We are backed to the edge of the cliff. Time for tooth and nail as tongue and lips have no further punch or effectiveness.

  47. Right on, Don. You da man! We must acknowledge the evil that progressivism represents, and fight it with the Armor of God - especially the Sword of The Spirit, which is TRUTH. Jesus said "I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by me."

  48. The number of people who come from nothing and succeed in escaping their life of struggle and poverty are in the extreme minority! Alex

    This quote from Alex's original comment made me start. My dad, his brother and their three sisters were abandonded to an orphanage when my dad, the youngest was three years old. There was very little "assistance" during the years of the depression and no one was adopting any more mouths to feed. The orphanages they lived in used them for child labor and inflicted physical harm when any infraction occured. They had little to eat and often went without food and proper clothing. In short, they were exceptionally poor. They lived there until they were old enough and could find jobs, menial jobs, paying very little but they all made it out. Both boys served their country in the armed forces and all five (100%) married, had families of their own, eventually owned their own homes and NEVER were in trouble with the law. Were they ever rich? Probably not by today's standards but they all understood the meaning of hard work and perseverance. My dad is now 83 and still has a part time job. I can't help but think there are others out there like this group who have managed to escape a life of hardship by knowing the value of hardwork.

  49. I noticed the professor had to throw out the race card before he was done. As usual they have zero in the way of valid points so within all their rhetoric they have to try and finally sway you with the typical white guilt trip.

    I also like the way he tried to tie in inner city and rural. They always fail to mention that there are infinitely more prospects for economic growth (IE jobs) in the city so therefore less excuse for being dependent on the government.

  50. We couldn't agree with you more and are sharing this with as many people as will read it....maybe even a few liberals;) I do want to add that as Christians we can no longer, "just ignore" this kind of lunacy unless we are prepared to concede the battle. I, for one, am not.

  51. .

    Dear Patrice,

    I have only two words for the Snark Response written by your Less Attractive Other Half :

    Bra. Vo.



  52. How come some of us were born with the Awesome Ability to Articulate Clear Thoughts (as Don & you obviously were), yet others of us were just born with a scramble of words in our head that never make it out quite right? (that would be me)

    Great post. :)

  53. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)September 4, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    Dear Patrice,

    Now I know why you love your Hunka-Hubby.
    He is one hell (sorry, but there is no other way to say it) of a man. Give him a BIG hug from all of us!

  54. Very well done, sir. Gold star!

    Jean in IL

  55. I posted a comment here the day before yesterday, but it didn't get posted.

    As a matter of fact, I've posted several times to different threads over time and they never get posted.

    When I found out you were going to my old stomping grounds in Florida last week, I was going to suggest some places to go and see while you were down there. Maybe even bring my copy of Simplicty to get signed, have a coffee and talk about farming since I was also down there getting prepared for hurricane Irene at the time.

    Regardless, Well done Don for standing up to this marxist moron. The truth pains people like him because it exposes everthing they expouse as lies.

    I will keep reading your blog, but not post anymore as I am not flush with time to waste.

    Keep on farmin'!

  56. Anon 9:59, I post virtually every comment I get (unless it's inappropriate, of course) but I must never have received yours. Please accept my apologies for any technical difficulties. You're always welcome to email me privately at !

    - Patrice

  57. "... the less fortunate..." is a favorite phrase used by liberals to describe the "poor". Less fortunate means that success is based on luck, not on the basis of hard work and delayed gratification. I don't believe in luck. And according to the world's standard, the poor are a lot richer than liberals would have you believe.

  58. Don, you are a man of many talents, and a man to be reckoned with. My hat is off to you, as usual. Anyone fortunate enough to call you friend is blessed indeed.

    Jeff - Tucson

  59. Great rebuttal, Don! Your wife is a blessed woman. You two are a great pair!

    I don't know if anyone is still reading this far back, but just in case, here is a link to an insightful blog post (and comments) that address this issue from personal experience. It's from the Common Room blog:

  60. Don, you and I can be friends! Nice job on the rebuttal!
    Waaay south Texas