Thursday, September 29, 2011

Technical difficulties? Apparently so.....

Twice in the last 24 hours, I've had readers email me privately asking if I've banned them from posting comments, because every time they try to post, nothing comes through.

Rest assured I haven't banned anyone! The only comments I delete (and this is rare) are those that are too snarky, vicious, or profanity-filled to be permitted. (And once in a blue moon an ad for Viagra comes through. Zip, gone!)

But I figure if two people are having troubles posting comments, there may be more.

Unfortunately I'm not a computer-savvy person, so I can't address the technical side of the difficulties. However in the past when this kind of issue has arisen, it turned out to be someone had recently reset or changed some of the parameters on their browser.

Rest assured I haven't changed anything on my end, and I most certainly haven't banished anyone from posting! I'm so sorry for those who are experiencing problems and hope whatever is blocking them gets resolved shortly.


  1. Patrice,

    G here in Portland (think beer fest visitor).
    After a user posts .. then browses back to the page .. have them hit F5 or reload the page.
    IE is bad about caching pages and may have saved the last load before the post so that is all it is showing them.

  2. Anon, that won't take care of the problem. Last I noticed, no comments appear until she personally approves them. This can take a few hours(especially at night when I would imagine she's sleeping). So refreshing won't usually help on this particular site. There seem to be a growing problem with internet traffic not getting through in various places/through various routers. The places/routes seem to move and its on an intermittent basis, so it may take a while to track down all of it. Users need to just keep this in mind, and not blame any person in particular.

  3. I also have tried several times to post comments and haven't been able so I thought I'd try on my iPod to see if it makes a difference. We shall see .