Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beauty times brains is a constant

Oh my gosh.

A reader just sent me a link to a YouTube video clip showing some of the 2011 Miss USA contestants answering a simple question: Should math be taught in schools?

Watch for yourself. Be sure to pick up your jaw from the floor afterward.

My dad (an engineer and mathematician) used to always say, "Beauty times brains is a constant." Short version: the smarter you are, the less you focus on looks. The more beautiful you are, the less you focus on intelligence. While happily there are exceptions, they sure can't be found in this YouTube clip.

UPDATE: Yep, I'm brain dead. Too many long hours in the shop. Didn't catch that this was a joke.


  1. Alrighty then. I would like to pick my jaw up off the floor, but I'm still looking for it (my jaw, that is). I think we as a society are in deeper doo-doo than we thought.


  2. You realize that this is a spoof of the Miss USA question "Should evolution be taught in school?"

    Watch the original Miss USA evolution video here:

  3. I believe this is a scam video. These fake 'Contestants' do not work out as Miss USA contestants do. The Miss USA is unfortunately based heavily on Swimsuit and has no talent portion. Miss America has Swimsuit as well as a Talent. Many talented singers and pianists were first in Miss America prior to launching their musical careers. There have been dumb answers to the Onstage Question portion before but this is too far fetched!
    --K in OK <><

  4. Frighteningly hilarious parody of beauty contestants. I'm not positive, but I assume you caught that this wasn't an actual Miss USA contestant lineup. Although I'm sure the real contestants for Miss USA have their own appallingly odd "views". I'd like to hope some of them have a head on their shoulders. Then again, they are spending their time pursuing the Miss USA title...

  5. Patrice, dear, are you awake or have you been up since the crack of dawn working hard? Um...this was a joke. :-) It was pretty humorous, I thought, but a good statement on dumb beauty pageant winners.

  6. Patrice, you must be the most beautiful person in the world to fall for that. :)

  7. While that one is a joke, did you see this?

    Or this?

    Southern Girl

  8. Thank goodness that is a joke!!

    However, a while back I did see a Miss Teen USA contestant try to answer a question about why American students know so little geography. Poor dear...her answer was to terrible is was painful to watch!

  9. I have been looking for an excuse to tell everyone that Calculus Made Easy is available at Project Gutenberg as a free download. It is the 1914 2nd edition, but that is long after Newton's time so not much has changed. Math can be fun but I draw the line at partial differential equations!

    It is actually pretty good.


  10. Thanks, Terry! I just dropped in to see why Patrice would be embarrassed, and found an invaluable resource. I just love this blog and the folks who visit it.