Monday, September 26, 2011

Foggy deer

In the quiet, foggy, pearly pre-dawn light this morning, I saw some deer in our yard. Here's the doe:

Here's the same photo with the colors adjusted to compensate for the dim light.

Here's one of her fawns.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

You should have seen me, creeping around the barn and poking the camera lens through cracks and knotholes, trying to take photos without being seen.

Here are both the fawns. Even though they're bigger, they still have their spots.

I was probably about 15 feet away from the doe at this point, peering through a crack in the barn wall.

The light was still pretty dim so these photos are grainy at best.

I noticed one of the fawns going around the corner of the barn, so I snuck into the chicken coop entry and stepped quietly out with my camera already adjusted to a zoom. I'm about ten feet away and the fawn looked at me with agitation.

Moments later she was gone with a flash of white tail.


  1. Such beautiful animals. There is an area back home near the river where you better slow down while driving at 2;30 am. One morning I saw shadows and slowed to 10 mph, as there was 15 deer ahead on the road. I hit my high beams and drove at 5 mph as the ran away.

    Three ran along the car. God gives us such wonderful animals, I did not want to hurt any of them. Every morning I would slow down in that area. Some morning there were not around.

  2. The pictures you took in the dim light (with the adjustment) make the photos look like oil paintings! Beautiful.

  3. Lovely pictures. Thank you Patrice for taking such time to capture unique images to share with us!

  4. I love them all but especially the one with the deer on the other side of the fence. Eighth one down. Just perfect.

    Do you mind if I make it my desktop?

  5. I agree, beautiful pics... I even named them for you :) Of course the baby should be Bambi and I was thinking mama should be named Dinner!

  6. Magnificent! I love your nature photos. I saw two deer the other night from a very odd angle. I was up in a tower in a secluded area (35ft high or so) looking down at two deer in the darkness, when suddenly the headlights from a vehicle lit them up. From my angle (up high, sideways) they looked BLUE, and then they loped off into the trees, still looking blue. For a moment or two, it looked like a scene from Harry Potter. Lovely but odd moment. 8-)

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA