Monday, June 13, 2011

Random pix

The girls found what they thought was a baby mouse on the floor the other day. We captured it in a cup and it turned out to be a shrew, specifically the Masked Shrew (Sorex cinereus).

Because of the cool wet spring we've had, the garden went in late. Here the girls are planting corn, beans, and peas. All our vegetables are short-season heirloom varieties geared for northern climates.

Typical tableau at our house: eggs in a basket, and tankards ready to ship.

We heard a knock on our door the other day, and upon investigation we saw this startling sight: three neighborhood boys dressed for combat:

One of the boys had a "landmine" cartridge normally filled with paint for paintball wars. He filled it with water and offered to demonstrate its use...

...with the help of another boy who volunteered to step on it and get sprayed.

My mom sent over a huge bouquet of lilacs.

Math aftermath.

A bumper sticker seen in Spokane:

An achingly sad license plate frame. Ten words tell the story.

Gluing on handles.

Found a robin's eggshell out in the garden:

Chickens performing their function...

...and this one, having done her duty, is just hangin' around.


  1. "Math aftermath" !!! LOL
    Andrea S

  2. wow! nice to know that kids (somewhere) still work out in the garden and play dress up games!! thanks so much for the picture stories!! awesome!

  3. The boys looked awesome! I used to get up in cammo with my frieds and go on 'missions' but we never had landmines *sigh*


  4. Just wanted to say it's nice to visit your site once a day

    Ida in Sweden.

  5. Nice pictures. I like the bumper sticker.