Saturday, June 11, 2011


I do NOT intend to turn this into a book blog -- truly I don't -- but I have a couple loose ends to tie up before moving onto different subjects.

Some lovely people took the time to write reviews, and I wanted to make sure they were posted. These are also posted on the Simplicity Primer website.

Paul Wald over at Salt Creek Life (whose blog radio show has had me on as a guest a time or two in the past) posted some kind words on his site.

Jenny up at The Last Frontier (the seriously remote Alaskan Bush) posted this on her site:

Sallie at A Quiet Simple Life posted a review here.

Thank you all for your reviews!


  1. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "You're very welcome!"

    I mean, after ain't like it's hard to like your work...or you....or that 'boyfriend' of yours.

    But I'm not sure about Lydia.....

    snrk snrk snrk

    Honey, you're on such a roll I fully expect that even your garden will put out this year!!

    All jokes aside, we couldn't be prouder of you or happier for y'all.

    (And thank you for re-posting a link to Jenny up at Last Frontier. I've been meaning to go back through the archives to find her, but you've saved me the effort.)

    Be blessed, cow girl!

    A. McSp

  2. No need to apologize. As an (as-of-yet unpublished) writer myself, I can fully understand the thrill of all this, and how it is right now eclipsing everything else in your mind.

    I have been checking back periodically to see if you had yet posted anything about the experience.

    I'm sure most of your regular readers have come to think of you as a friend, and are anxious to hear about all the good things that are happening.

    Keep sharing whatever is on your heart. We enjoy the reports.