Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interview podcast

For those of you who might be interested in listening to an hour-long interview (well, a bit less than an hour because advertisements are cut out) in which I discuss my book, here is the podcast for the Plain Jane Wisdom show I did last week with WLAC radio in Nashville, TN.

If you go to this link and click on the 6-14-11 podcast in the Plain Jane Wisdom box, it will bring up the interview.

These hosts, Devon O'Day and Kim McLean, were wonderful, warm, fun women. I was honored to be on their show.

UPDATE: WorldNetDaily posted this on their website. Cool! I didn't know they were going to do this!


  1. I just finished listening to it and I must say that it was so nice to hear your voice! You sounded very comfortable and at ease. I am only about 50 pages through the book (which I bought on Book Bomb Day) and hearing you speak about a few more topics is making me very excited to continue. I love hearing you speak with such passion. I hope you are able to be on their show again some time. Post links if you do happen to be on.
    Andrea S

  2. Patrice,
    I just finished listening to the podcast and it was delightful to hear the sincerity and passion in your voice when you speak about your core beliefs and your family.

    I just completed my initial reading of the Simplicity Primer yesterday evening. I absolutely enjoyed every single page. The pureness of sensibility and the wisdom contained in the pages of your writings has inspired me to persevere and knuckle up on a couple of lax issues that I've allowed to backslide. It has also validated many similar good choices I have made, and many core beliefs that we share in common.

    Thank you for sharing yourself through your writings, with all of us.

    G-d bless you and yours!


  3. Hi Patrice, I'm listening now and it's nice to put your voice behind your writing and your photos! I was reading your book in the airport on Sunday, started to get my daughter to take my picture to show you but...the flight was called. I like the book--I hope sales are going well. I love the philosophy of "Make Good Choices." Then I just opened my WND magazine today and saw three articles from you! wow!