Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing workshop

A few months ago, I was called and asked to give a four-hour workshop for members of the Idaho Writer's League in Coeur d'Alene. I would cover the subjects of freelance writing, query letter writing, and blogging. While I'm not a member of this group, I've worked with them quite a bit in the past and I was honored to be asked.

Last Thursday was the big day. In preparation, I decided it was high time to do something I'd been meaning to do anyway: print out an archive of all my WorldNetDaily columns. My goodness, it took hours. I'd forgotten how many I'd written so far -- 165 to date.

The workshop was held at a place called The Jewett House, right on the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene. It's one of those magnificent turn-of-the-century houses that is now rented out for various functions.

View of the lake from the porch:

It was a freezing cold day (hey, early June in north Idaho isn't always warm!) and the lake was choppy.

The inside of the house is gorgeous. Here's the kitchen, for example -- reminiscent of the days of yore when such homes had servants. On the far right you can just see a glimpse of the butler's pantry.

My setup was modest. (The gray plastic crate was to serve as a lectern, but I later removed it and just sat at the table.)

Disappointingly only four people showed up. But oh my we had the best time. I talked for four hours straight and only managed to cover the subjects of freelance writing and blogging. (With our time getting limited, they asked me to do the query letter writing workshop last if there was time left over. There wasn't.) With such a small number of people, it was a charming intimate gathering, and I was assured by the attendees that they got a lot out of it.

Thank you, IWL, for asking me to lead a workshop!

(By the way...this is the home located immediately next door to the Jewett House. I have no idea what lucky soul owns this place, but it's magnificent beyond all description. Wow.)


  1. I could sssoooo live there. But, the butler and a few maids would have to come with it. LOL

  2. Those were four very fortunate attendees! What a nice place and what beautiful surroundings. Clearly worth the time, effort and trip.

    Thanks for taking us with!

    A McSp