Friday, June 3, 2011

Book bomb links

Got TONS of stuff to post, but first I have to thank everyone for putting links on their blogs about the upcoming Book Bomb date of June 7 for the Simplicity Primer release.

Here is a list of the kind folks who linked on their blogs (I'll update this as needed, and if I've missed anybody please let me know):

Waiting on the Other Shoe

St. Augustine Classical Academy

Reflexiones finales

Being Awake

A Mom's View

The Orange Jeep Dad Blog

Our Silly Old Lives

New York State Preparedness Network

By the way, the blogs listed are all spiffy places to check out. I've hyperlinked them all so you can see for yourself.


  1. Patrice,

    I really enjoy your writing. I don't have a blog that enjoys any significant traffic (more just a journal for me), but I am going to post a link to your book listing on Tuesday. Wishing you all the best, and hoping some of my friends will discover you, too.


  2. Sandra, why don't you let me have the link and I'll post it? Might as well try generating a little traffic for your blog, especially since you're kind enough to mention the Book Bomb.

    - Patrice

  3. Hi Patrice, sorry it took so long. I've given you a permanent spot on my right sidebar and a blog post. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Ok, I got off my butt and posted my own today. Well actually I sat on my butt and did it. Pretty much nobody reads my blog either, but oh well! I'm excited about it, so why not. It's got to be good if it has pears on the cover.

    Anna in Alaska

  5. Anna, let me have the link and I'll post it. That way folks will be able to see your blog.

    - Patrice

  6. Crosslinking posts usually helps search results. Doing well on search results is likely as important as the bump in amazon ranking. Amazon rankings come and go, but links are for ever!

  7. Got you: