Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random pix

A neighborhood game of kick-the-can / capture-the-flag on a windy day. Here all the kids are deciding the rules.

Lydia lays claim to Younger Daughter's bed.

Younger Daughter (right) and her friend Miss Calamity (left) out for a spin...

...and enjoying a quiet moment by a campfire.

I chuckled over Miss Calamity's fashion statement: camo pants, cowboy boots.

Chickens in a shaft of sunlight:

Neighbors planting their garden. Yes, we're still trying to get gardens in and hoping they'll have time to mature before the first frost hits.

A couple of bumper sticks that caught my eye:

Interesting cloud formation:

Our young pear tree has some baby pears growing:

Little house on the prairie:

My strawberries are looking good.

There are even a few blossoms, though I'm pinching these off to let the plants put their energy into growth this year.

Our neighbor's cat had kittens. Precious! In these shots they're only a few hours old.

Their ducks are also getting big.

A foggy morning with sunbeams...

...which resulted in a rare fog rainbow.

Busy hens.

Our wheat field.

The wheat is starting to head.

Some pretty sunsets over the last week or two.


  1. Spring has sprung...strawberries, pears, and calves, oh my. How do you find time to take such wonderful shots!!??
    Thank you!!
    K in OK<><

  2. And you left city life for that? [facepalm] ;-)


  3. I really enjoy your Random Pix posts. It's like I (and all the rest of your 40,000 blog followers) get to come over and have a nice visit with you without you having to cook. Or, you know, have us actually tromping around your farm.

    The kitties are too dear. And Lydia's expression is hilarious. "My bed. For now. Please don't make me move."

  4. Dearest Patrice!
    For the last week, my life and work have been about preparing for the Monument Fire to hit my home and/or my employer's property. You have NO idea how much these wonderful 'Random Pics' have helped me prepare to face another 12 hour day and then come home to smoke and possible evacuation. Today more than ever, THANKS for what you do.

    ALSO: I was one of the bomb-day buyers who got the sold-out shipping dates. Got the notice yesterday that my order has shipped, so others can expect the same.

  5. AWESOME pictures!!! thank you for sharing!! I love them!!!

  6. Yikes, Gretchen! Stay safe! I've faced some wildfires a few times over the years and they are blinkin' scary. I pray you escape any damage. Keep us posted, please?

    - Patrice

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely! How are the raspberries doing?

  8. Woo hoo! GO WHEAT :-). And your strawberries look reasonably happy, too. Perhaps the growing season will surprise you - I hope so. Jennifer in NC

  9. I'm a bituva "shutterbug" myself, dear Patrice. I've been snapping pix for many years, even had a few used in our local newspapers. You do an excellent job! Not too much sky shows (unless it's a pic of the clouds and so forth) and you center the subjects well. You take interesting pix that are humorous, thoughtful and downright gorgeous. I'd say you could add "photographer" to your list of accomplishments, along with successful home businesswoman, columnist, author, farmer, teacher and homemaker!!! No doubt in my mind that you are one of those who can do ANYTHING you set your mind and heart to!

  10. Aw thanks, Anon 11:16. I confess I seem to have a good "eye" for the elements of a photo. What I DON'T have is the patience for anything technical. My camera has to be a simple point-and-shoot or I lose interest, LOL.

    - Patrice

  11. We are getting our first baby chicks tomorrow. I'm scared! But so excited! Any words of wisdom? Oh wait, you have already had SO many. But, still I'm scared. I have canned 20 qts. of beans,(so far)24 pints of carrots, a measly 5 pts. of peas(ummm), and waiting on tomatoes!. Still, I have never raised chickens, or been around the raising of chickens....maybe next year I'll be asking for help with a jersey cow!!!!!
    Love the book!!!

  12. Anon 7:16, I have a blog post on chicken basics here:

    Hope it helps!

    - Patrice

  13. How do you harvest your wheat? Do you harvest it by hand???

  14. Anon 4:40, we've never grown wheat before so we'll see how well it works. We plan to harvest it with scythes -- you can be sure we'll take photos!

    - Patrice

  15. Yes, Patrice, I'd been thinking the along the line as anon 11:16. And I think there's a book there.

    Photos by Patrice.

    Words of inspiration, insight and humor by Don.

    Works beautifully.

    A. McSp

  16. Thanks Patrice, I always look forward to your random photo sets. They stand in stark contrast to the views in my world of Suburbia Majora, a purgatory of convenience stores, tattoo shops and strip malls.