Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Husband of the Boss sneaking in.

Hi All.

Patrice just ran off to the big city to take younger daughter to her fiddle lesson. So...since Patrice is so grateful to all of you for the success of her book, and because she's loath to ask anything more of you all, I've decided to hijack her blog to make another request. (Since I'm shameless.)

It seems from emails and comments here, that many of you have already gotten your copy of "The Simplicity Primer" and I assume that many others will get your copy delivered soon. That being the case, if you would be so kind, we could sure use some reviews posted on the Amazon page. If you have the time and/or inclination I'd be grateful.

Now I just have to wait for the "dressing down" I'll get when she gets home. But don't worry too much about me. Like I said, I'm shameless.




  1. I ordered my books from Amazon around May 5th thinking they would be sent out on the release date but so far, according to Amazon, they haven't been shipped yet. I'm disappointed. Can't wait for them to get here (one for me; one is a gift).

  2. Hi Kay. If I get this right from those who ought to know, the "Usually ships within 10 to 12 days" now seen on the Amazon book page means they've run out of copies and are waiting for another printing from the publishers. I'm very sorry for the delay....but...Wahhooo!!!!

  3. Husband of the BossJune 8, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    Opps. The above IS NOT from Patrice. It's actually from her shameless husband

  4. Oh, boy, not only do you hijack the blog, but you do impersonations too...


    But seriously, "regular people" reviews carry alot of weight, more so than anyone "with an agenda to sell books".....It's easy to leave a review at Amazon, doesn't take long (assuming you don't get going and then can't stop LOL).....

    As a former seasonal worker at Amazon back when I lived in NV, their system of shipping is astonishing (as long as THEY have it in stock) and you guys won't be waiting very long :)

  5. We ordered a copy from Amazon in the late morning on the 7th. I was very surprised when my wife texted me at work today(8th) saying that we had a delivery. We live in SW Washington State and I figure we must be close to a distribution center.

    My wife almost does not want to read for fear of mussing up the cover.

    After she is done reading it, I'll see if I can coax her into posting a review.

  6. Hi Don,
    Patrice may or may not scold you for asking for reviews, but if she does, please tell her that her blog readers want to do our part to make this book project a success. I don't know about others, but I have learned a lot by reading her WND columns and this blog. While I was already prepping, her advise has helped me fine tune things. You are blessed to have such a good "helpmate" of course, you already know that.

  7. Kudos to you for being a good husband and asking for what your wife needs even if she won't! So excited for you and delighted for your success!

  8. Sneaking a post while the Mrs. is away? What a wimp! A real man would have told the Mrs. to mind her ... ouch! Sweetheart stop it. OUCH! Honey, I was kidding. OUCH! No, really; it was all in jest! ;-)

    Now that my wife (and best friend) has allowed me access to the keyboard again... I truly look forward to reading and posting a review!

  9. We got your back Don..She could never ask too much from her readers. The wealth of information, beautiful pictures and humorous stories she has provided to us far out weigh's any thing she could ask in return. Her blog brought my sense of prepping from a doom and gloom affair to one of excitement and hope that one day soon my wife and i can be in a position similar to yours.

    Keep up the shamelessness!!!!!

  10. Hi, I also ordered my book yesterday and it came today, so Amazon has some pretty fast shipping. I'm in Georgia and it was sent from Lex KY! Anyway, I started reading thru it, but will go post a review now at least about it in general.

  11. Don,
    I'm glad you hijacked her blog because I never would have thought to write a review, and now I will. Like I commented the other day, I can't wait to meet her at Costco...any chance you and the girls will be there too? It would be wonderful to meet all of you. :)

  12. Good on you Don. Sometimes a mans got to do what a mans got to do, even if that means waiting for her to leave to do it. lol

    Patrice is still in the mind set that, "why would anyone really want to read my book, I am ONLY a North Idaho housewife", thank goodness you know better.

    As her friends, even though we have never had the pleasure of meeting, I am so jealous Lisa, we all want her to do extremely well. I also would not have thought of writing a review, but if it will help her book succeed, you can bet that I will now.
    Have a great day.

  13. Dawn, you have me PEGGED.

    - Patrice