Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to Junuary

This has been a very chilly spring.

We'll get a few teaser days of warmth and sun and then it plunges right back into chill and wind.

It makes me glad little Shadow is tucked inside the barn.

This morning I got tired of being cold, so I started a fire in the woodstove.

This happened last year too. Why am I always surprised when weather patterns repeat themselves?

A reader referred to this as "Junuary." Quite apt, I'd say.


  1. Patrice, you are not alone! Several times over the last week, I have seriously thought of firing up the wood stove. I also have been tempted (but haven't given in yet) to crank up the Toyo Stove. The only reason I have done neither is because I want to save our cord wood supply for winter, and the expensive heating oil for when we REALLY need it.

    It is "Junuary" here in Alaska as well and is 43 degrees and wet as I type. Hopefully, we won't have a "Julyuary"!

  2. hope this goes through. attempt to post #20

    60+ degrees hotter here in North Texas.
    send it south!

  3. So I'm not the only one!! I've come really close to building a fire the past two nights, but put on some handwarmers and a vest and got busy to keep warm and take my mind off that wood stove. lol

    It's mostly sunny here at this moment, but too windy to be out in it comfortably for very long.

    Dang global warming....heatin' everything up this way......[cough].....

    A. McSp

  4. The weather is ridiculous.....makes me think how smart greenhouses are....

  5. If you are tired of chilly days, PLEASE, send it south to the north Texas area. It would be our pleasure to help.


  6. Wow! THREE of us from North Texas??? We need to have a Rural Revolution tea time get-together? Make that a Sweet ICED Tea since it was 101 today! LOL!

  7. Supposed to be a 104 here today. I guess instead of having Junuary, we're having Jugust. :)

  8. We would love some of that cool and also some of Alaska's wet here in SW Florida. Somehow we are managing to be both humid and dry at the moment.

    I think it is really neat to read about what is being planted and harvested across the country. Our crops are finished for the summer with the exception of peanuts, okra, and sweet potatoes. As Patrice is writing about planting strawberries, I look out at our patch which finished producing well over a month ago. This is our "winter" when we must rely on our food storage or give up on eating local.


  9. Oh how I wish I could grow okra and sweet potatoes! YUM!!

    A. McSp

  10. Stuck in CaliforniaJune 17, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Junuary is a good name for this weather. We arrived in Idaho from California today. We were told it was over 90 degrees at home. It was 49 degrees in Coeur D'Alene when we took our daughter to the park. She loved it. Threw her sweatshirt off after a few minutes, even with the dizzle. In a month it will be over 100 degrees at home and she won't be able to play outside in the afternoons. It looked like heaven to us.