Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bombs away!!

This is the Big Day!! The release day for The Simplicity Primer. I ended up tossing and turning and finally got up around 4 am because I couldn't sleep, thinking about what the day would bring.

The lovely folks at SurvivalBlog gave me another plug:

Thanks to every single one of you, when I got onto Amazon at 5:15 am this morning I saw this:

An hour later, the ranking was even higher:

This was at 7:08 am:

8:30 am:

9:15 am:

Oh my gosh! Top one hundred!!

I'm taking snapshots and will add these rankings throughout the day because I never expect them to be this awesome again. I want to record the moment! To be honest, I cannot believe it. I freakin' cannot believe it.

I had a conference call with the marketing team yesterday. I'm working with a PR woman named Jackie in Nashville, who is truly amazing. She is booking me left and right on radio shows and there's even talk about (gulp) television. She is getting interest from, or is confident about interest from, such luminaries as Dave Ramsey, Suzie Ormann, the 700 Club, Dr. Laura, etc. I'm wavering between knock-kneed terror and absolute bewilderment that they're talking about me. I don't mean to press the point too much, but I hope these folks remember I'm an ordinary housewife in north Idaho. That's all.

My first radio interview is scheduled this afternoon. I have another scheduled for Friday and another one for the following Monday (not yet finalized, I'll post the details as soon as I know). The booksigning at Costco this Friday in Spokane is also confirmed, but I won't post the details until I talk to the Costco rep (if any of you are local to Spokane, keep your eyes peeled! I'd love to meet you!).

Meanwhile, as I watch the day unfold with my jaw hitting the deck in amazement more often than not, I can only say one thing over and over, stuttering in shock...



  1. Just ordered mine!! Can't wait to get it!
    Jani Jeane

  2. I wrote on the previous post since this wasn't up earlier today but will say it here too...Congratulations Patrice! You are a great writer and I am looking forward to receiving my book and reading it, then sharing it with my kids. If the book advice is anything like the practical wisdom in your blog and WND column, it'll be good stuff! It's great to see someone like you get some recognition! Sandy

  3. Patrice -

    "I don't mean to press the point too much, but I hope these folks remember I an ordinary housewife in north Idaho. That's all."

    That is all you need to be. "Ordinary people" doing things they are passionate about is what changes the world. So keep on doing what you are passionate about, because by so doing you are blessing many (myself included).


    PS: Just ordered my copy from Amazon.

  4. I just ordered it! Go Patrice!
    Andrea S

  5. At the book signing in Spokane, I can buy the book there, right? I don't get paid until Friday. Don't forget to post the details!


  6. I just ordered mine, too! Woo Hoo!

    Mara :)

  7. You're at #246! Top 100 Watch Out!

  8. Delurking from the Black Hills of SD. I just ordered my copy & I can't wait to start reading. You are a great inspiration to a lot of folks!
    Bombs away, my friend!!


  9. LOL, as much as I want to say "You EARNED this" with 2 thumbs up after all this time and effort, there's a part of me that also wants to say I hope you STAY the "ordinary housewife in north Idaho." because that's who we all relate to so well......

    It's not a contradiction but a balance *grin*.....& I'm sure the homestead will do something to remind you if you over do it in the ego department (said with the utmost respect, of course, tongue in cheek) ...:).....only, now you can afford to fix it faster, HA!......

  10. I ordered 2 copies previously. I'm thinking of ordering another one today to help your ranking! I'm so happy this is happening to just an ordinary housewife in north Idaho.

  11. Just linked back to Rural Revolution on my blog (which, admittedly, is read mostly by my family, but still--every little bit helps, right?). :D

    So happy for you, Patrice. Even thought we readers don't know you personally, we sort of feel like we do because we get these glimpses into your beautiful life. Congratulations on this, and may it just be another milestone in your amazing journey!

  12. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)June 7, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    Hi Patrice

    Just ordered your book from Amazon - 'Hope it helps to "up" your standing!

    Hunka-hubbby and the girls must be soooo proud of you for all you have done in such a short period of time. Your common sense gives us old timers hope for the next generation.
    You go, girl!

  13. Been keeping a casual eye on your ranking all day (bought mine this morning). Let me be the first(?) to congratulate you on breaking the Amazon Top 100 as of 1:00pm EST. Currently #96...how high will it go??

  14. I just ordered my copy and was happy to see that you were up to #96!!! Congrats and good luck to you :)

  15. K Done my part. Good on you Patrice.

    Winston Bearkiller

  16. Order one for your church library too!


  17. I just checked Amazon, your book is at 89 ... AND ... it is discounted another $1.28. Congratulations on a simply fantastic book bombing!

  18. Woo Hoo!!!

    Congrats!! It couldn't happen to a nicer and more deserving lady!
    I read your blog every day, and look forward to enjoying my new book!!
    I just checked, you're at 89 and climbing!!
    Thank you for all you do!!

    Kent in Minnesota

  19. Just ordered mine at 2:15 eastern time. Amazon said there were only 10 copies left.

    Congratulations you deserve it!!!

  20. !

    Just me
    (practicing simplicity)

  21. Rock on. I'll bet all who read the blog are checking the Top 100 as often as you are.
    Looking at the list you certainly deserve to be
    higher than most of the books that are on it. #76 at last look. That should get you lots of interviews.

  22. Just wanted to let u know The first thing that I did this morning was log into Amazon.com and purchased your book. I can't wait till it arrives. Good luck and god bless! You may consider yourself ordinary, by history has shown that ordinary people tend to do the most extraordinary things!

  23. YOU ARE #76 AS OF 12:18 PST!! WOOO HOOO

    Preppin' Mama

  24. When I placed my order you were at #76. Let's hope you go to the top ten today. I'll send a shout out on twitter and FB. You go, girl!

  25. Oh girl, ask me if I'm surprised.

    Now remember what I've told you: when it comes to being on the air, radio or television, always remain centered in the fact it ain't brain surgery, and if you mess up nobody's gonna die.

    And always remember: it's impossible to die of embarrassment, despite how it seems when one is sure one will....or might wish they could.

    And always, always remember: virtually all of your listeners and viewers want to see you do well, and because you're who you are, will instantly do like we do here: we like ya!

    OK. Now that I've armed you with all you need to know about going forth and conquering the world of public relations, you just relax and focus on keeping your groove and enjoying the ride.

    Authenticity is your lick, honey, and it'll never fail you. That's why soooooo many people wanna be what you work to be and have what y'all have.

    I'm not one bit worried about any of it going to your head, because as sure as it began to, there'd be a quick switch of Matilda's tail across your face or she'd step on you foot (or both) while you're sitting there on your glamorous 'milking throne.'

    I'd so love to see the looks on y'all's faces today, and I can hardly wait to see the outpicturing of these wonderful blessings as they inspire and enable that next phase of work on the homestead.

    You go, girl.

    A. McSp

  26. Click on the "Movers and Shakers" Amazon tab - you are *#4* in "Movers and Shakers"! #69 overall at 13:18 Pacific time. Congratulations! :-)

  27. Headed towards your second printing-congratulations!

  28. Congrats Patrice, you're just kickin all kinds of butt today!!!.....

    A. McSp said it all so perfectly........:)

  29. It's 4:30pm Pacific time, now #3 on Movers And Shakers - - #74 overall

    Up 9,794%

  30. #74! Congratulations, Patrice. I received my copy today and I've read up to page 30. I'm going to pause in my reading and spend a week putting it in to practice.

    Your book is like a good conversation with a dear friend over a hot mug of coffee. Wonderful!

  31. I am proud to have a small part in this. I just wish I could have ordered from you so I could have a signed copy -- but the amazon ranking was more important. Congratulations.

  32. Congratulations Patrice!

    Just ordered copies to give as presents.


  33. Just snagged mine off Amazon! I'm really looking forward to getting it in the mail, then putting some of what I learn into practice! :) Congrats on your book! I've been a long time reader and have learned a bunch from your blog...keep it up! :)

  34. Just go on with your bad self and knock all our socks off, cow girl.


    A. McSp