Friday, September 17, 2010

Basics of Preparedness

Here is a list of links to various posts on my blog as well as my WND articles that address the subject of preparedness. This is an extensive list and will take me awhile to compile. Please check back every so often to see if I've added anything new.

• I won't exactly say this one started it all, but when I read these "Predictions for the rest of 2010," it made me realize just how unprepared we were for any disruptions in society.

• Here's more cheery news along similar lines.

• Here's 50 ugly facts about the U.S. economy.

• Here's the first of my Preparedness 101 series, pretty much a basic outline.

• A reader sent in his preparedness list in a different order of priority.

• Some info on first aid and toiletries.

• Some thoughts on buying gold.

• A few ideas for prescription medicines.

• The spiritual aspect of preparedness cannot be overlooked. Here is a reference to Proverbs 31.

• A short note on water.

• Some lists of things to consider.

• Not all of us are rich. Here are some thoughts about preparing on a budget.

• A friend wrote an excellent blog post about why this will NOT be your 1930's depression.

• Purchasing a modest amount of wheat.

• A fairly long post on Books and Basics.

• Why should we prepare? Here are some thoughts.

• Here are my thoughts for those twits who actually long for TEOTWAWKI.

• Some pictures and thoughts on storage buckets.

• Part of preparing is finding reusable versions of necessary items. Here are reusable canning lids.

• And here are reusable feminine hygiene products.

• No matter how prepared you are, stuff happens - such as a failed garden.

• Tax hikes are scary news.

• Some thoughts on the ethics of Christian preparedness.

• My impressions on preparedness while visiting the Big City.

• Here are Ten Practical Steps toward preparedness.

• Some people just don't "get it" when it comes to storing food.

• Here was a wake up call for us.

• Addressing the unfair and nasty accusation of "hoarding."

• Some thoughts on urban refugees in rural areas.

• Here are some ideas on the economics of Prepping.

• A few Bible quotes supporting a work ethic and preparedness.

• Preparedness isn't just beans, bullets, and band-aids. It's also just living life.

• A bad windstorm demonstrated why being prepared is a good idea.

• Consider some of the "little things" to make life more comfortable during hard times.

• What everyone should have but we only assembled recently: a car emergency kit.

• Inflation is a growing concern. It's also hitting home.

• Some people remain blissfully unaware of the possibility of any future hardships.

• Here's a major concern of mine: how much knowledge has been lost in the last hundred years.

• Bug-Out Bags are an important part of your survival preparations. Here's how we assembled ours.

• Physical needs are important, but so are educational needs. Here is my philosophy on Homeschooling and Preparedness.

• Living in the country as we do, have you ever wondered how rural folks feel about urban peoples' plans to bug out to the country? I have a guest post on that subject here. Warning: it's blunt.

• Speaking of country living, what does it really take to go rural? Here are some thoughts.

• During a nasty blizzard in New York City last winter, a newborn baby died. I put up a blog post about it and a lively discussion followed. But when a 911 dispatcher wrote in his thoughts on how helpless our society has become, it was so interesting that I posted it separately.

• One of my pet peeves is the misguided notion that, if the bleep hits the fan, we'll all join hands in peace and harmony and sing Kumbaya over our pathetic pots of watery soup. Wrong. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

• When the Egyptian riots first broke out in January, it became apparent how quickly ordinary Egyptian citizens were impacted by danger and shortages. Here are my thoughts on why beans, bullets, and Band-aids are good to have in advance.

• I asked my readers to send in their stories of how panicked people can clean out a supermarket in no time flat before a blizzard hits (or whatever). Here are their contributions.

• A reader sent in an excellent question: How to you convince a reluctant spouse to start Prepping? I had no ready answer, so I opened the topic up for discussion. Here are the replies.

• One of the problems with modern Prepping is it's gone high-tech. If you throw enough money at it, all your survival problems can be solved...right? Wrong. Here are some thoughts about the "Garden of Eden in a bucket" crowd.

• Dreams of livestock are an integral part of many Prepper's rural plans. Here's a look at reality.

• There's always critics.  Here's someone who takes exception to our Prepping efforts.

• After the horrendous earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I grew concerned about the possible financial repercussions in America. Here are my thoughts on this issue.

• Here's a list of additional storable food we recently purchased to round out our supplies.

• How do you properly store grains or rice for the long-term? Here's how we store rice using diatomaceous earth.

• Here are my thoughts on the alarming trend of cities to commandeer private stocks of food or other supplies in case of emergency.

My WorldNetDaily columns on Preparedness go back to 2008.

• WND: Let's Hear It for the Ants."

• WND: Meet Matilda, our Jersey cow.

• WND: Depressed but preparing.

• WND: Calling All kooks.

• WND: Preserving abundance.

• WND: Prepared to be wrong.

• WND: Ants, grasshoppers, and God (this is one of my favorite columns).

• WND: Don't come knocking on my door.

• WND: Not your 1930's depression.

• WND: Preparedness 101

• WND: The Golden Horde

• WND: Connecting the Dots to Anarchy

• WND: Tangible Investments (I learned this had one of the highest readership of any of my columns)

That's it for now. I'll add links to this list as I post new things.


  1. Excuse the OT post, but do you sell tankards to Middlefaire in Hillsboro, TX? My sons (and maybe me) are going.

  2. No, I'm sorry, we don't sell in Middlefaire. To the best of my knowledge, we're not represented in Texas at all. (Anyone interested in wholesaling our tankards in Texas?) However if you keep an eye on this blog, we plan to put up a retail page toward the end of October, and of course I'll make mention of it when we have it up and running.

    Thanks for asking!

    - Patrice

  3. thanks for all the links Patrice, this is very useful. - Sandy

  4. We'll be one of your first online customers.

    I wouldn't know how to wholesale, but will spread the word about your tankards whenever I can.

  5. Should be BUG out bag instead of BUT out bag.