Sunday, September 5, 2010

More unanswered questions

Catching up on additional unanswered questions:

How is your book selling?
When is Don gonna write one?
Have you finished the 'sheet curtains?'

The book (that would be The Home Craft Business) is selling modestly but steadily. No complaints.

Don's been flirting with writing a book for years. He's such a blinkin' good writer! But he's so busy with other things that it hasn't happened yet.

The sheet curtains were actually made several years ago, LOL. Still in use, I might add.

Other questions:

When it comes to groceries, what, if anything, do you have to purchase? Or do you make absolutely everything from scratch?
Also, is there anything you miss about living in an urban area? And what do your parents/siblings think about the way you guys live? Are they preparedness-types too, or do they think it's strange?

Groceries: Oh goodness, we still buy lots. Becoming self-sufficient is a whole lot easier said than done. We have meat, dairy, and eggs pretty well down pat. But surprisingly, vegetables and fruits have been the hardest to conquer up here. We would have done much better on the garden this year if the weather had cooperated and the tractor hadn't died (it's still dead). We lost two of our fruit trees, probably because the roots hit this impenetrable layer of clay we have a few feet down. Next year we're going to take the wise advice someone posted on this blog and build above-ground boxes for fruit trees. We'll also get our raised beds in for strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. We will be planting wheat this fall, too. (Don't worry, I'll blog about it.)

As far as making everything from scratch - well, we try. We buy nearly everything in bulk and try to avoid prepared stuff.

Is there anything we miss about making a living in an urban area? No.

What do our parents/siblings think about our lifestyle? Well, after twenty years they've come to accept that we're endearingly eccentric. Nuff said. Are they preparedness types? Not in the slightest. Both our families are high on our list of folks we'll take in if bleep happens. I'll add, that's a lotta people.

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