Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last Friday I did something I've been meaning to do for quite awhile: target shooting.  I'm not too bad with my revolver but had never shot larger weapons.

So I visited some friends who have a small shooting range and got instruction for both a 12-gauge pump action shot gun (yuck)...

 and a lethal-looking AR-15.

Wow, I think I'm in love!  That AR-15 was smooth as silk and awesome to handle.  The shotgun was awkward for me (for starters it was a touch too big) but the AR-15 had very little kick and was just plain FUN.

Didn't do too badly on my aim, either.

Now if I could only figure out how to put an AR-15 into a bra holster...


  1. Wow, I want to try an AR. I have shot my rifle, shot gun and pistol, but that one looks fun.

  2. Don't you mid California? Here the magazine on the AR-15 would have been illegal since it is more then 10 rounds. I too love the AR-15


  3. Heh. My husband cut my 12-gauge off to the minimum legal size (not that I care much about laws) for my ease of handling. Since my eyes ain't what they used to be, it's my first choice.

  4. I'm glad you had a great time. Target shooting is something we need to schedule in more often.

    I'm guessing you're on a "prohibited" list like I am now!? I have a blog follower that works for the State of Oklahoma. She notified me that she can no longer access my blog at work because my husband recently put up a post on the 7 weapons every prepper should own. My blog (and I assume yours too) is now found to be unacceptable by TPTB in Oklahoma!

  5. One disadvantage of shotguns is the standard stocks are definitely average man sized. A shorter butt stock helps with that.

    AR's are great guns and very easy to shoot pretty well. You should get one.

  6. LOVE my AR-15, too! Ah, alas, if only rifles were concealable...

  7. Patrice, you'll find that AR will do quite alot more overall than the 12g.

    With the stock collapsed all the way down, even your youngest can make it work (if needed).

    5.56 M855 (62 gr. green tip military) will reach out and touch someone past a 1/4 mile. Uncle teaches M4 longrange shooting out to 500 meters, with the M150 4 power ACOG optic.

    5.56 M193 (55 gr military) is actually more effective within 150 meters against unarmored targets.

    Soft point hunting ammo is, well, you aren't bound by the Hague accords.

    I don't suggest you lay down the cash it'd take for an ACOG, but a good 2 to 7 power variable scope on a detachable mount will get you a rifle that you can hit a long way away with.

    You are reloading too, right?

  8. I goose hunt and spent Friday and Saturday firing at those clay pigeons. Needless to say, I didn't quite have the shotgun placed correctly on my shoulder--- I have the bruises to show for it...but it was a nice weekend. I feel comfortable going for some geese this season (they are not endangered with me hunting)!!! Have fun with target shooting....I also have an AK-57!!! But my very favorite is my Colt 44 Anaconda revolver....yes, I am not a "girly girl". But I am prepared...

  9. Patrice,

    May I suggest the Spec-Ops Recoil Reducing Stock?

    We put one on our Remington 870 12Ga and it has become a good bit more reasonable.

    The cool part is that the stock is adjustable in length, so that "reach out there for the trigger" problem can be dealt with.

    It also makes the 870 look even "scarrier" which is always a "good thing". B-)

  10. LOL Janice - I have no idea if I'm on any "prohibited" lists or not, but somehow that wouldn't surprise me. Imagine, a mild-mannered housewife in north Idaho, a "threat"...

    - Patrice

  11. Looking tough, Girl! No mutant zombie bikers are going to mess with you! ; )

  12. Yes, ma'am you are on the 'sometimes' prohibited list for US government computers. I can't tell what trips the filter. Some days locked out,sometimes for a week at a time. Others can't access front page but not the days I missed.
    Lorenzo Poe
    US Army

  13. Patrice, I hope you'll please make Joseph aware of these blog sites being 'possibly' blocked due to discussion of constitutionally protected discussions about firearms. I'd love to see WND do a story on it. Would you mind if I write and ask, too? It would make great and valuable reading....especially during an election season.

    A. McSp

  14. Great photos! It's been a while since I've been shooting (I don't count the simulated shooting at the Spouses' Challenge here on base - lol), but I miss it. We weren't allowed to bring any firearms to Germany, so it'll be a while still
    I really like A.McSp's suggestion. It's very timely (talking about bans) since Obama signed the Executive Order and banned the return of the M-1 Garands and Carbines that the U.S. left in South Korea. I've shot both guns (the Carbine in a competition. They are fun to shoot, not to mention the historical value they have.

  15. Perhaps starting your shotgun experiences with a .410 bore (gauge) will be beneficial. A .410 is a great varmint gun and in years past, no farmer would be without his .410 behind the backdoor. The recoil is negligible, but you'll learn the proper way to hold the butt against your shoulder so you won't get bruised when you return to shooting the 12ga. In other words, start out your shotgunning with a small gauge and then work up to the big gauge. This will teach good shotgun handling and it will make stepping up to a 12ga much smoother and less intimidating.

    You can probably buy a used .410 for around $100.00 for a single shot, and about $300.00 for a pump. Get both if you can, you will like them and so will your daughters.

    Anonymous Patriot

  16. Here's a cool website packed with information for you and your readers. If you like the AR you will love a semi-auto shotgun like the FN-SLP MK1

    See http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/theboxotruth.htm

  17. that's awesome Patrice! I haven't ever shot an ar-15, but can shoot pretty darn good with a shotgun at the clay pigeons thrown in the air, if I do say so myself. Not as good as my brothers by any means, but can still hit them.

    however definitely have to work on the hand guns a little more. I do pretty good with a 22 rifle as well.

    When you find a body holster for an ar-15 let me know!