Friday, September 10, 2010

Update on Riley

Some of you may remember the horrific accident our young neighbor, Riley, had in February during which he accidentally amputated his left thumb and forefinger on a table saw.  I posted an earlier update here.  He was over the other day and I took photos of his fingers.

He still doesn't have quite the full mobility in them yet, but he can curl his fingers and grasp items, though of course not with full strength. But he's continuing physical therapy and has confidence that within a few years he'll be pretty much back to normal.

Modern medicine is indeed a miracle.


  1. Congratulations Riley!! Aren't humans smart, to learn such a craft. Even only 100 yrs ago Riley's fingers would have been goners.

  2. I love it young man! I am covered with scars at 58yrs of age. You will go on to a better life than I pulled off. Stay strong.