Monday, September 27, 2010

My lids are in!

After several months of saving up, I did something last week I've wanted to do for a long time: I ordered my reusable canning lids.

Ever since trying Tattler reusable cannings lids last July and putting them through their paces, I knew this was a product worth buying.  They're sturdy, have a lifetime guarantee, and the rubber rings can be used about twenty times before needing replacement.  (The lids are also BPA-free, for those who consider that an important criterion.)  According to their website, I could order bulk lids for a price break.  So that's what I did: I ordered 500 each of wide-mouth and regular-mouth lids (which come with rings).  A thousand lids in all.  I also ordered ten boxes each of replacement rubber rings, which are cheap ($2.50/box of 10).

I doubt I will ever have to buy another box of canning lids at the grocery store, ever again.  Whoo-hoo!

The box of lids weighed almost forty pounds.  On top is a smaller box containing bags of rubber rings.

Here's the bag of 500 regular-sized lids.  (The bag of wide-mouthed lids is underneath.)

Here's the "loot."  I'm so tickled to have these!  Better than Christmas!


  1. Patrice,
    When I saw your order come thru I made it very personal that your order went out immediately. You have been a very loyal host and this order took high priority. It is very rewarding sitting on this end viewing the reactions of satisfied users of our product. Good luck have fun.
    P.S. the extra rings are a dozen to the box not 10
    Loren C. Stieg

  2. Thank you! I'm teaching a class on canning meat in late October, and I have a stack of your brochures ready to hand out. I'm canning green beans this evening and get to try out my new lids, yippee!

    Take note, folks, the extra rings are $2.50/box of 12, not 10.

    - Patrice

  3. Stand by for a major canathon!

    A. McSp

  4. Patrice,
    It is funny that you just posted this...I was thinking about these yesterday. I am hoping to buy mine before next year...saving up too. I might not be able to buy 1,000 at a time though. I love the concept of these and was hoping to use the ones they sent me to try, but I have not had anything grow enough to can this year...but I am taking your word for it...and can't wait to have them for next year.
    THanks for pointing us to them.

  5. Thank you thank you! I am so glad I found your website and these lids. I have a lot of canning in Kansas and this year wa no exception. Didn't even know these existed! Great website, by the way. First time on it.

  6. I know this post is eleven years old. But there is a new need for this product. Wonderful post. Thank you for the read.

    1. I literally have not bought canning lids ever since investing in Tattlers. If you purchase them, you will NOT regret it. They have a bit of a learning curve, so be patient and follow the directions. Even now, I have a lid or two that fails to seal once in a while, but it's more than compensated by the fact that I never run out of lids and never have to buy more. Worth every penny, especially now!

      - Patrice