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Friday, September 3, 2010

Men in training

A couple of weeks ago, a small incident occurred that has stayed on my mind ever since.

It was a hot day and our schedule was free enough that I decided to take the kids to the lake to go swimming.  We invited two of our neighbor's children as well.  But first I stopped at the grocery store for some treats for the kids.

The only male among us - our neighbor's fourteen-year-old son Master Hand Grenade - politely opened the door so we females could precede him through the entrance.

And you should have seen his face.  It was shining with joy and pride at the opportunity to express his manners.  He was being a Gentleman.  He was a Young Man, and properly behaving the way Young Men behave around women.  And he was pleased and proud about it, too.

I couldn't have been more proud of him, and he's not even my kid.

I think the reason this trivial incident stuck with me is because there are so few Young Men out there these days.  We're blessed to live in a place where many parents are training their children to be Young Men and Young Women (notice how I"m capitalizing those terms) rather than skanky teens.

Just thought I'd pass this on.


  1. Kudos to him...

    Just make sure you warn him about opening doors and acting gentlemanly towards the feminist in the big city.

  2. Great story. I look forward to raising a couple of Young Men and Women of my own someday. :)

  3. That is very ice to read.

    In other news...

    Bill Smith

  4. Bill, that story is too funny! I hope the kids learned their lesson. In my county, texting the sheriff for some marijuana may actually get you some cheap pot, sad to say.

    As for Young Men and Young Women, they are a joy to know. Once I was stopped at a traffic light on a very warm day, so my window was open. A vehicle pulled up next to me and the teenager who was driving was talking away on the phone. That is illegal in my state. I called out to her that she should pay attention to her driving and postpone her call until she had parked. She flipped me the "friendly finger" and cussed me out as well as any circumnavigating sailor would have done. After recovering from my initial shock, I asked if her parents were proud of her. She replied in the affirmative, with a few more gestures. The sad fact is, they probably are proud of her and taught her most of what she knows. Therein lies the trouble. Needless to say, I no longer give unsolicited advice to teenagers. I learned my lesson, even if she didn't. LOL

    Anonymous Patriot

    1. You learned to judge an entire generation on the actions on one individual?

  5. I had four girls. Not only insisted that they respect themselves and act like ladies but had the demand respect from the males that came through their lives. I showed them no less and accepted no less from males that came into their lives. Today they all have families of their own and are passing it down to their boys. mwp

  6. young men and women with manners! we see this so seldom these days that when we do we really take notice.

  7. Pioneer Preppy--you have a valid point. My 18 year old daughter was a checker at the grocery store and made the mistake of handing a customer her change and saying Thank you Ma'am.

    Boy did she get a dressing down from this woman! She let my daughter know in a very rude, condescending manner that she did not appreciate being called Ma'am. My daughter was in tears and she is not a teary type person.

    I told her she should have said Oh, I apologize Sir. I would have!!!

  8. This offers me some hope. Today I meet an old acquittance and his brood at the big box store. Was not greeted by his children hello sir or anything just who is the old guy pops by one brat and the other hurry up old man I wanna go home. He was embarrassed and so I was I.

  9. This IS great news that there are still Young Men and Young Women around! I often remind my daughter that it is the WOMEN who mostly let a door slam on me, even when my hands are totally full! As a Young Lady, she should also hold the door for whoever follows her, man or woman. The surprised looks and profuse thanks my kids receive when holding the door at the Community Mail Room (where we pick up our APO mail) is enough to make them want to continue this practice. Like Master Hand Grenade experienced, praise for a deed does wonders to self-esteem :) My 5-yr old loves to hold the door already!

    As for poor Grandma Tillie's daughter, that woman was certainly no "lady" and your daughter has experienced the difference between a female and a lady. (This is a subject of much discussion with my 7-yr old daughter currently.) Any time someone politely calls me Ma'am, I jokingly say, "Wow! That makes me feel old. Please feel free to call me GIRL!" Then we both get a good chuckle (since I am nowhere near a girl, and even more not so girlish today on my birthday - lol) and we both finish our transaction with smiles on our faces.

    I've often lamented that the liberals/poorly-mannered people, etc. vote and reproduce. Today I am VERY grateful to know that there are some Young Men and Young Women out there who will vote and reproduce :)

  10. I love the looks on people's faces when our 3 year-old sticks out his hand and says "how do you do" upon meeting.

    When we had our third boy, we got a lot of the usual comments about how we were lucky to not have to "worry" about a girl. I'd politely respond that we would be raising our boys so that girls' parents wouldn't have to "worry" about THEM.

    Now, with our first little girl on the way, I'm glad she'll have her big brothers (along with daddy) to demonstrate how gentlemen treat ladies.

  11. KatieJ, Happy Birthday!

    Anonymous Patriot

  12. An older gentleman in our church published a book titled something like "Raising MOGS and WOGS". MOG stood for Man of God, and WOG for Woman of God. His children had moved out of the home and had their own children by the time I met him and his wife, but their friendship, and his wisdom and council were great for the years we had together.

    May we see more families raising MOGS (like Master Hand Grenade) and WOGS.

  13. This is quite sad, where I come from the vast majority of men and women of all ages show a degree of politeness and respect to others regardless of whether or not they are religious or conservative.