Friday, March 12, 2010

Interesting coincidence

So I'm chatting with my friend Enola Gay the other day, and the subject came around to preparedness and its relation to the Proverbs 31 woman. A Proverbs 31 woman is something she and I (and a wide circle of our friends) aspire to become.

Enola mentioned that the phrase "She can laugh at the days to come" had always puzzled her until she put it in the context of preparedness. We who are concerned about our future, be it personal, governmental, or economic, have an interest in storing some basic necessities as well as some basic comforts of life.

But once you have such items stored, it makes that passage much more understandable. It's a whole lot easier to "laugh" in the face of economic uncertainty if you know you're not going to starve to death.

So anyway, I thought it was an interesting analysis of that passage. Later when I was doing my bedtime Bible reading, I flipped to Proverbs 31...

And found I'd already underlined it.


  1. This is sort of unrelated to your story here Patrice but I just had to let you know that I thought your article in WND this week was DYNAMITE! I suppose if they don't like your census answers they will want in as well.

  2. I have always loved this passage. The SciFi nerd in me is sure that we are just one EMP blast away from going back to the 1800s, so one day, we ordered a year's worth of MREs (and extra food for our cats, of course!). A couple of weeks later, my husband was reading Prov. 31 to me, and when he got to that verse, he said, "Hey! You really can!" I hope we never have to use those MREs or any of the other survival stuff we've acquired, but it's sure nice to know it's there.

  3. Thank you, Lloyd! And my census answer will be simple: There are four of us living here. Period.

    CCR, yeah it's a good feeling to have those MRE's stored away, isn't it?

    - Patrice