Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mentioned on Survivalblog!

Oh my goodness, look at this!  My WND article Preparedness 101 as well as my blog were mentioned on the huge SurvivalBlog website!  Way cool!

By the way if anyone's interested, awhile ago I posted a "Welcome" for new readers that explains who we are.


  1. Yay!!!! Whenever anyone asks me about preparedness, I always send them here and to SurvivalBlog--nice to know you're getting some recognition for your hard work!

  2. Wow, that's like the ultimate compliment, isn't it?

  3. Yes, I noticed that. I read SurvivalBlog regularly, as I do this blog. In fact, it was through SB several months ago that I learned of this blog. And through this blog, learned about Enola Gay's blog. It's like one big blogging "family." :) Maybe you folks could start an Idaho Bloggers Network. (BN - "all the news that's needed."

    Anonymous Patriot

  4. Yo!

    Word!! Scope my home-girl gettin' her props there!!

    Translation: It's great to see our Patrice's work getting such well-deserved recognition and exposure!

    A. McSp

  5. like anon. above, i read sb everyday faithfully and that is where i learned of your blog and that of enola gay which i read faithfully as well. and as well prepared as i feel i am, i learn something new from all of you each day...i love your stories and it is nice to have a good belly laugh now and then too.