Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More random pix

I have a slew of photos that I've taken in the last week or so which I'll keep posting just for kicks.

Early morning wisps of fog:

This time of year we get a lot of kestrals (small falcon-like birds) in our area.  Apparently this one must have swooped in front of someone's vehicle:

We get very little fall color in this area due to the preponderance of conifers.  Thank God for ninebark bushes, which give little splashes of brightness.

The Virginia creeper is juuuust starting to turn red:

Some other modest fall color:

I was trying to photograph leaves floating on the river, with limited success:



And more chickens.

Our cows are currently grazing down a neighbor's acreage, which includes a pond:

Brit, our horse:

Last spring, we had a massive wind storm that ripped the tender blossoms off our peach and pear trees.  As a result, our poor little fruit trees have a grand total of... one pear, three peaches.  That's it.

One pear...

Three peaches.

While visiting a neighbor, I took this shot through their outdoor sitting area:

Evening cumulus:

Full moon rising:

Sunset color:


  1. Mam, Thanks for the pictures. Things sure are beautiful where you are. Never have been there but would surely like to go sometime. Hope I can make it. It is sure nice to see what God has made. It was men to be enjoyed and shared.

  2. Gorgeous pics, of course I think Idaho is beautiful. I live here and love it!

  3. My cows are currently grazing on the neighbor as well. I wonder if I should tell him, ha ha!

  4. Someday we will have a farm in Idaho.....with sheep :)

    Loved your pictures.

  5. Your picture posts are just as enjoyable as your words of wisdom.

    My faves are always the puppie pics (hint-hint!)

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  6. Great looks at your world. I especially like the shot of Miss Britt. That gorgeous girl. How are she and Y.D. progressing with their training of one another? lol I love watching Pat Parrelli (sp?) and Ryan Gingerich on RFD TV, even though I no longer have a horse. Both are good trainers, in my opinion. Maybe Y.D. can find some of their videos at the library?


  7. In my neck of the woods we call Viginia creeper, poison ivy. It is always first to turn a very pretty shade of red. Yes, I know the difference. It's a joke. Love the chicken pictures!