Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's starting

For some time now we've been hearing dire news stories about inflation.  Well, I'm beginning to believe them.

A couple weeks ago I went into a restaurant supply store in Spokane to buy some bulk spices.  Since we intended to get a bag of rice at some point in the future, I made a special point to note the price: $14.50 for 50 lbs.

Yesterday I went back to the same store to buy the rice.  The price?  $18.50 for 50 lbs.  Same brand, same type, new cost.

It's starting, folks.  If you can stock up on food, the time to do so is NOW.


  1. If only our friends and family members would take it seriously and do the scares me to think what will happen when they can't afford to eat.

    This week that powerless cruise ship was a perfect example. Passengers said that of the food that was available, people were hoarding, afraid there wouldn't be enough. Scary times, folks, be prepared!

  2. We're starting to feel the same pinch in Ohio. I have been having this overwhelming urgency to get stocked up on things. I'm afraid it can only get worse. Preparation is the only thing we can do besides praying. We need lots of both!

    Linda in Ohio

  3. Patrice,
    Thanks for the motivation. We're heading to the bishop's warehouse in the Valley next week to start filling the spare bedroom. I've joined a gleaner group and have been canning more this year than in the rest of my life combined, but that doesn't make for a completely prepared household. It's time to get serious before stocking up is no longer an option.
    Lisa Malone/

  4. Walmart should be in a better position than anyone to see this problem developing and they say, yes inflation is taking off now.

  5. Save the Canning JarsNovember 13, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    On Monday, Glenn Beck told viewers about a new report from an organization that follows our nations inflation. He held up grocery items and told what the experts predicted 2011 hyper-inflationary prices would look like. An ear of corn $12. Three pounds of Folgers coffee $77. A Hershey's 1.5 oz candy bar $15. He showed sugar, orange juice, soy milk. The projected prices are staggering! If you missed it, here is the link: The table with groceries appears near the end of this YouTube clip, so if you are impatient, slide the button under the picture over to the right to speed things up.

    Then on Thursday, Mr. Beck encouraged viewers to return to the values/ways of their grandparents. He encouraged stocking of food and said his family has a one year supply, and after he brought home his food (a bit and dribble at a time), he wept out of relief that his family would eat. He talked about CANNING! He talked about economic collapse. Thank you Mr. Beck for being brave and saying it! Here is the link if you want to see that segment:

    Then at bedtime last night, I decided to watch some TV to unwind and caught the last of Hal Lindsey. He told viewers to prepare for economic collapse and the confusion that would follow for at least 4 weeks afterward. He encouraged stocking of food and water.

    Then at 4 am I could not sleep (is it any wonder) and fought the bed until 5:40 and got up and turned on the TV to hear John Kilpatrick tell Sid Roth and an audience in Alabama to prepare for the hard times that are coming over the next two years and to stock food, water, and to keep some cash at home.

    How can ANYONE in this country still be asleep to the need to prepare? We are being bombarded with this information at every turn, from both the religious community and the secular world.

    God may have started out "whispering" this info to us...then "speaking" this info...but now He has moved on to "SHOUTING" these preparation instructions. How long until He "SHAKES" us while He shouts? He already has my full attention.

    Thanks Patrice for another great kick in the pants post! Folks, get it done.

  6. It isn't just food. I use a great deal of cotton fabric to produce our signature product and though I had ordered plenty for Fall, I made a new order for the Christmas months and was totally dismayed to find that in just a couple of months the price had doubled. Any of the commodities is rising steadily and planning ahead is going to be an absolute must.

    Thank you for your very informative site!!

  7. Last week I was at Costco and added the following to my blog...

    just returned from Costco...I saw several people (10-12) with the big carts loaded with bags of beans, rice, sugar, cooking oil, paper towels, toilet paper and a lot more items...The people buying were mostly elderly (about 60-80+) and had at least 2-6 large bags of each item (some had more) and gallons of cooking oil... They could barley push the carts...Stacked on top or on a separate cart was all the paper products they could fit...

  8. My grocery bills have increased by 50% this year. Wish me luck bringing home a couple deer next week, 'cause I sure don't want to be buying meat next year...

    Xa Lynn, soon to be in her tree saddle

  9. Xa Lynn, good luck with your hunt. Remember, you can't eat the antlers. :-) Be safe in that tree, OK?

    For at least 3 years, I've been asking my siblings and their children to buy precious metals, load up on dry goods, and to start storing foods. They looked at me as they usually do, as if I just fell out of the turnip truck. Then, last week, something changed. Seems some news from a family friend changed their attitudes. Suddenly they are storing foods and buying sensible shoes like there is a fire in their underwear. Unfortunately, precious metals are now out of their budget range (and mine). Still, they are making progress in their preps and I'm so relieved to see it.

    Oh, StCJ, I watch Glenn Beck almost every day and I saw those shows that you mentioned. I think he is doing all of his viewers/listeners a great service by forewarning us. I also feel the same about Patrice, her forewarning may save somebody's life.

    All we can do is preach to the uninformed and pray they listen. The rest is up to them.

    If you read, watch, or listen to farm reports you will be ahead of the pack. Those reports frequently provide the trends in pricing for everything from pork bellies (bacon) to soybeans and cotton.

    Anonymous Patriot

  10. Walmart and the other grocery stores have awesome loss-leader sales during the holidays. Cans of vegetables drop to 35-50 cents a can and the Campbell's cream soups drop to 50 cents a can too. I stock a year's supply of those items during this time.

  11. n.e.mississippi is starting to show the signs of what happens when the "official" unemployment rate is 15% and inflation is beginning to speed up. many are just beginning to wake up to the realization that things will not be better in the morning..i thank God that i have had the sense to pay attention..debts are paid down, food for at least six mos or more in the pantry, and plenty of other stuff in the ready. bought a bit of luxury today..will be unloading the treadle sew.machine from the van so that when i cannot afford the electricity i will be able to continue working...along with adding to the food supplies, i have also been adding to my sewing supplies as well. i think what is coming down the road in the future days, weeks and months is going to be much worse than the great depression of the 30's. one word of warning-watch out for some of these grocers-they are taking advantage of the situation in some places.

  12. We're stocking and stocking and stocking. Thankfully, we purchased a year's supply of grains earlier this year. I still add to our storeroom weekly. Yesterday, I ordered a case of apples from our grocery store's produce department, 38 pounds. They looked at me a little funny, but I wanted some fresh fruit that will keep.

    The bad thing is that while I felt pretty stocked up a few months ago, I'm beginning to feel like it's not enough...

  13. Oh my gosh!! Save the Canning Jars is right. God is shouting and the next time our world will be shaking. We actually went down and got a Costco membership this week and went around with a calculator comparing prices. Some were great, some good and some were not a good buy at all. We bought some items and I'm armed with another list of prices and items. We are taking money from savings to stock up. Pay now or PAY later, baby!

    I buy whole chickens all the time when they are on sale to cook, but for canning, it is so much easier not to have to debone. I am buying more beef and chicken today at our local stores with some good sales for canning. I only need more canning jars and lids.

    We are trying to prepare as best we can, but one can only do so much, and of course, there will be something that was not foreseen, but we are survivors.

    Oh, I have to add that in Oregon where relatives live, Eugene is closing 6-10 schools, and if you have river frontage, you will lose your property rights under the American Rivers Heritage Act. The gov is closing in at a cheetahs pace. Pray...prepare.

  14. We are not fond of white rice and vastly prefer brown rice, but that apparently does not store as well. None the less we have been buying it and storing as much as possible in canning jars vacuum sealed with our Food Saver with much of the air pumped out. I hope it has reasonable storage life that way.

    Since you mentioned white rice I checked yesterday at the Sam's Club near us in Colorado and they were asking $15 for a 50 lbs bag of the brand they carry. They also had Basmati rice from India that was more expensive.

    My wife has zero interest in canning and has been resisting buying a pressure canner (noticed yesterday they ran $120 at Ace hardware). I keep hoping to find one at a thrift store or garage sale. If it is dirt cheap she probably would not mind my getting one :>)

    Meanwhile I keep increasing the depth of our stock of the things we eat, and trying to get my wife moved away from frozen foods and towards dry and canned foods that will keep without refrigeration. So far I have had some success, and she has gotten into making soups and stews largely from dried items I have purchased.

    Keep up the posting. It is an encouragement to many.

  15. Knowing the truth does not stop my blood pressure from jumping up about 30 points reading this stuff. I don't know if my medication will be available if it all goes south. Oh well...Obamacare was going to finish me anyway. I'm kidding people, keep the faith and prepare.