Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random pix

A few random pix from the last few days.

Younger Daughter snuggling with Lydia.

Our friendly neighborhood doe and twin fawns were back.

This drove Lydia nuts, of course.

Snap and Crackle are doing fine and growing fast.

Time for yet another new box.

Younger Daughter working with Brit, our horse. (I took this first photo through a screen window and thought the boo-boo turned out to be rather artistic in nature.)


  1. When I look at Snap and Crackle it brings to mind the developing story over in Iowa. Those giant chicken farms in the news because of a salmonella scare. It might be just disgrunteled employees or whatever but it sounds pretty disgusting. It is a good time to be raising quality chickens and eggs. I believe the price will be going up.

  2. When I see a horse's arse...I'm reminded of Pelosi.

    Anonymous Patriot

  3. Does your horse *do* anything (pull a cart or a plow) or is he puretly recreational?