Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting started in self-reliant living

Here's a blog entry I found on SurvivalBlog, though the original article was in Backwoods Home Magazine, one of our favorite publications and one for which I frequently write.

This fellow writes about hard-core self-reliance while still living in the big city.  You think country life is easy and/or automatically lends itself to miraculous self-reliance?  Read this fellow's suggestions for how to truly achieve self-reliance before taking the plunge for rural life.

A fascinating post.


  1. Patrice,
    I think they should have had the following warning in the introduction...

    Warning...City Slickers are advised to obtain and install "Depends" undergarments, prior to reading the following article...
    Failure to do so is ill advised, as the author can not and will not be held responsible for uncontrollable wetting, embarrassment or costs associated for containment and clean-up for said toxic spill.
    You have been warned...
    Please initial and date here, to acknowledge you have read the warning and disclaimer.


  2. It was a great article and it's something we all should be doing!

  3. That is why my Bug Out Plans are Bug-in plans. I know my wife even in an emergency she could not it together in the 10 or 15 minute window postulated in the article. I will hunker down to repel boarders, and hide arm's from the government depending on the situation. My hero in EOTWAWKI movies is the old guy who "knows stuff" and is the one you do not want to mess with. I cultivate the I am a good friend but a BAD enemy persona.


  4. Yay--I read the article and we have been doing everything that was written for 20+ years. We have been living below our means for our entire marriage and at this point in our life all of this just seems normal.

    It sure makes for a fun time when people visit though--What do you mean you don't use your dishwasher? Where the blank is your microwave? Hey I didn't know you could make your own ketchup! Do you LIKE driving that old car? It's been HOW LONG since you went to a mall??? etc, etc, etc LOL