Friday, May 14, 2010

Word fun

Acoustic: what you play pool with.
Alarms: what an octopus is.
Bar stool: what Davy Crockett stepped in.
Buttress: a nanny goat.
Crick: the sound a Japanese camera makes.
Forfeit: what most animals stand on.
Fungi: the life of the party.
Hatchet: what a hen will do with an eg.
Illegal: a sick bird.
Impeccable: never been kissed.
Khakis: what you need to start your automobile.
Lapse: what we have when we sit down.
Litmus: drunk rodent.
Negligent: lingerie salesperson.
Pasteurize: too far to see.
Romance: Italian insects.
Shampoo: a fake bear.
Stucco: what you get when you sit on gummo.
Vitamin: what you do when guests come to your house.
Zinc: where you wash your face.

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