Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A friend sent this.


  1. Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Robin in Ca

  2. That WAS funny!

    Hey Robin, you wouldn't be the American Thinker's "Robin from Berkeley" would you?

    Katie J
    USAG Baumholder

  3. Sorry, no. (She says as she hurriedly Googles "American Thinker Robin from Berkeley")

    Although my first husband was born in Berkeley. And I did take a couple of years of high school German, if that wins me any bonus points...?

    "Da ist ja wunderbar fur Helga, denn Dieter ist gross, nett, und zehr intelligent." :D

    Robin from The Gateway To The Carrizo Plain

  4. Woo Hoo! That's great! Far better than "Press button, receive bacon" Hahaha!

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  5. i love this! if i put this sign on my vacuum cleaner maybe every time obama says something on tv, someone will turn the vacuum on and my floors will get cleaned. :) seems they might have the hole plugged out in the gulf of we have to figure out how in the world are we gonna prepare for a hurricane that blows more than wind and water. my first thought is to go out and buy about a year or so supply of dried beans cause gardens don't grow after being fertilized/innoculated with oil.. sure could use some ideas quick as hurricane season starts in a week....thinking about putting a sign up down by the end of the road that just says "quilts, jam and jelly" and see what happens.

  6. Love it. My husband and I got a good laugh.

  7. Actually, if you do get crude oil on your garden spot, simply put down some fertilizer and next year your garden will be greener than the last two years.