Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random pix

Sunset behind our barn.

Some of our chickens on their perch for the night.

Weeding the strawberry boat. Last year the &$(%#@$ deer got the strawberries. These year we'll not only have nuclear fencing, but I'll be putting in netting over the strawberries as well. I've ordered 200 bareroot plants that are on their way, so we'll have strawberries in both the boat and in one of the berry beds.

A neighbor's burn pile.

Yesterday afternoon a neighbor boy came over with a small swallow nestling in his hands. The bird had fallen out of a nest in their barn, and did we want to take care of it? The girls were enthusiastic and fed the bird some raw hamburger with chopsticks, until Don found an article online about how difficult and often hopeless it is to raise a baby bird.

The girls went next door to see if they could locate the nest. The nest was tucked inside a tear in the plastic in the barn roof.

The neighbor boy climbed the ladder...

And reached inside with the nestling, groping around until he felt the other chicks. Success!

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  1. see your burn pile and it reminded me that outdoor burning is now illegal at/on the land of my upbringing and late stayings