Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buckets o' buckets!

Oh my goodness! Look at what our lucky neighbors just hit -- a treasure trove of buckets for their preparedness efforts!


  1. Hi Patrice!I have a question for you that someone sent to me about a half angus/holstein milking cow. Could you tell me your opinion? Thanks!

    Question:I have a question for you since you have a milk cow. My parents have a part holstein and part angus cow who just calved a while back. She seems to only have enough milk to feed the calf. Is this due to it being her first calf or is it because of the angus in her? God Bless !

    Thanks again for your time Mrs. Lewis!

    Amanda <><
    Matthew 6;33
    Mark 12:30

  2. There are meat breed and there are milk breeds (as well as some dual-purpose breeds such as Dexters). Sounds like you're right, this cow got more of the Angus in her. On the other hand, cows often rise to the occasion in terms of milk production and produce what is needed. Right now, she only "needs" to feed her calf because that's all that is expected of her.

    I'm assuming the calf is on the mother 24/7. If the owner of this cow would separate the calf at night and milk in the morning, the cow might be able to adjust her milk output for both the calf and the people. It will take awhile, of course, so don't expect instant results. I also say "might" because then again, she might not. Depends on the cow.

    Be sure to keep the separated cow/calf within sight and smell of each other (otherwise the cow goes frantic and may withhold her milk out of sheer orneryness), but this way she'll have a buildup of milk available in the mornings for the people.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Save the Canning JarsMay 26, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Thanks for the link to Tiffani's blog. Read it completely last night and was inspired by what both you ladies are doing. By posting, you are allowing the reader to self-evaluate and boost areas where there is lack. After paying $130 for food grade 6 gallon buckets and lids this week, I'm now on the search for free/cheaper alternatives! Thanks so much for sharing!