Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random pix

Getting hay for the cows. Sheesh, turn my back for one minute and I'm invaded.

Here's Pearly at 2 1/2 months old. She's very sweet and docile, unlike the feistier Dexter calves.

Naughty bull, climbing the hay bale.

Washing eggs.

We dehorned Smokey today. My how mama Ruby protested! With those bleepin' horns, that is one dangerous cow. I'm thinking she may be turned into potroast soon. Still, she throws pretty calves.

Obligatory cute Lydia pix.

Greeting Don with enthusiasm.

Watching a squall move in.

The chickens start restlessly moving into their coop. (By the way, the ladder strung across the door is to keep the cows from eating the chicken feed, which they love.)

Here it comes. Wind, rain, some thunder.

Then it was all over. Clear blue sky at sunset.


  1. Those were some awesome photos of the storm rolling in. We experienced a little storm last week when we were visiting southern Missouri. We missed the tornado by about 5 hours:). Thank you for sharing your photos, they are wonderful.

  2. Great pix! Thanks for sharing them.

    You could fill a book with cute obligatory puppy pix and I'd buy it! Lydia's size is so deceptive; the white dinosaur attempting to devour Don can't be the same one shoehorned into the rocker, can it??

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

  3. The photos are amazing Patrice! I love the pictures of your puppy, I mean um, Lydia. :-) I wish I had one only I wouldn't let her steal my rocking chair!

    Ouida Gabriel

  4. Absolutely beautiful pics!