Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best shoe ever!

I just have to congratulate the fashion industry. They keep creating better and better shoes for a variety of uses by the average everyday north Idaho housewife! Unbelievable!

Now these beauties, I believe, would be just perfect as “cattle shoes.” Just think of the incredible flexibility they’ll give when I'm busy warding off angry cows as we shoo their young calves into a separate pen to dehorn! These shoes will be easy to hose down after stepping in manure piles. And as for running across the pasture to thwart a cow bent on escape…well, unsurpassed, that’s what they are.

I can’t wait to toss my ugly black waterproof mud boots in favor of these.


  1. No Sweetie, these are the city version. The heel doubles as a weapon in case someone tries to bother you on the subway. And it even has a handy a handy coin pocket for the payphone since you won't have room for change in the dental floss mini skirt.

    The rural version looks almost the same, but it has a closed reinforced steel toe and the heel is a little thicker for added heft to hit the bull on the head.

    Ex-City Slicker Attempting to Learn Rural Self-Sufficiency

  2. LOL! My husband liked them... 'til I said he could wear them, then...

  3. Makes my feet hurt just to look at them.

  4. I'm with Sharon. Those stupid things just scream, "I'm going to hurt you, and you will grit your teeth and smile, and pretend nothing is wrong."