Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Winning the Lottery

I have a new post up over at! This column is entitled "Winning the Lottery." Hop on over and take a look.


  1. That was a great article, Patrice. You have good insight into the way we treat money we didn't work hard for. I sometimes think "my husband will have to work xx hours to pay for this thing--is it worth it?".
    I thought it was interesting that you mention "The Millionaire Next door" as that is a book I was looking at yesterday as possible graduation presents for a few graduates we know. I also considered "The Wealthy Barber" ... both books talk about living below your means, not trying to "look" wealthy. They contain good advice to HS and college grads before they get themselves in debt.
    Sandy in Ga

  2. Being unemployed, loosing the house, & facing the upcoming collapse a little lottery money would come in real handy right now. I would stock up on food stuffs, fix that fence, get a new barn up, & loads of other stuff to prepare for the coming calamity.

    Anyway any lottery winnings now will be worthless in a few months if things go a predicted. If it does get bad THOSE that worship $$$ will be hardest hit & THEY will do everything in their power to make our lives miserable.