Thursday, July 14, 2011

Running like crazy

Sorry I've been so quiet, it's been loopy around here! Good thing I'm living the Simple Life, because it would be scary if things got complicated.

Our home woodcraft business is in overdrive at the moment. We have a series of major shows coming up (I'll be heading for Portland, OR in less than two weeks) and we're working like crazy. Actually much of the burden for shop work is falling on Don at the moment, since I'm being kept busy with kids, cows, writing, and radio interviews.

Here we're gluing tankard bottoms onto the bodies.

While much of the rest of the country is sweltering under horrible heat, it's been cool here in north Idaho. In fact, Tuesday morning it was a rather nippy 36F. That's unusual, even up here.

A doe and fawn pass through the field across the road from us.

Snap, one of our roosters, settles inside Younger Daughter's bicycle.

'Tis the season for daisies. Took this photo from our driveway.

A curious visitor. Doubtless there's a fawn hidden around somewhere.

We hosted last week's neighborhood potluck, which included a celebration of my dad's (cough) "39th" birthday.

I was packaging up some books that folks had ordered the other day...and when I pulled out our tape gun, I discovered it had a whole bunch of chicken feathers stuck to it. Don't ask me how, these things just happen. I thought briefly about taping the address labels onto the package with chicken feathers, but something told me the post office people wouldn't be amused. So I didn't.

The view down our road from the end of the driveway.

In contrast to the chilly morning temps of a few days ago, we've also had some hot days. Whenever hot days coincide with the need to get some writing done, it combines into a handy excuse to take the kids to the lake. They swim, I write.

If you look in the middle distance of the above photo, you'll notice a huge log. That's where the girls and some friends were momentarily resting.

Younger Daughter finished practicing her fiddle the other evening and rested the instrument in its case. I sat down in a nearby chair to take off my sock and shoes before bed, and noticed this photo opportunity. Artful tableau and all that jazz.

Yesterday was an uber-busy day. Up at 4:30 am in order to be awake and prepared for my radio interview on Doug Stephan's "Good Day" program (6 am my time).

Then morning piano lesson for Older Daughter. Then early afternoon left for Spokane for Younger Daughter's fiddle lesson and Old Daughter's gymnastics lesson. I saw this cartoon in Younger Daughter's fiddle teacher's studio, drawn by his kids (click to enlarge). It depicts some bootcamp musicians with a drill sergeant barking, "All right! Stop fiddling around!" I thought it was cute.

Then after lessons, into Coeur d'Alene where we had dinner with my parents, then drove back into Spokane to drop them at a motel so they could catch an early-morning flight home (after spending a couple months in Coeur d'Alene visiting us). By this point it was 9 pm. Spokane is currently experiencing ten miles of rather intense road construction on the main highway. I presume they're doing most of the work at night so as to minimize impact on traffic. I took these photos as we crept along at 5 mph through the construction zone. "Why are you taking photos?" Olde Daughter asked. "Because I'm bored," I replied.

We didn't get home until 11 pm, so I was W-I-P-E-D. And today Older Daughter has a piano recital in a town an hour and a half south of us (I volunteered to drive as well as transport some of the harps for other students) so it's shaping up for another long day!

Where's my simple life?


  1. I don't know where it went, but I can recommend a good book!
    --K in OK <><

  2. Interested in being interviewed on the local Christian station while in Portland?
    KPDQ-FM with Georgene Rice?
    I "might" be able to set it up. ( :
    When and where are you having the show in Portland?
    My wife and I are "like minded" individuals who might like to come check it out.
    We are enjoying your book! ( :
    -Gabe C

  3. God bless you Patrice. You're dedication to your children and your passion is amazing. I think your simple life is on the fast track at the moment. I pray you have time to enjoy some of the joys of your new successes. Hang in there, your audience loves you!

    P.S. I'm jealous of the temps you have there. Nothing but heat indexes in the triple digits here in Florida. Oh to be in Idaho someday!!!

    have a blessed and wonderful week.

  4. Young looking 39 year old dad you have :o)

  5. Gabe, can you email me privately at ? I can forward any info to my publicist. She's definitely looking for promotional opportunities while I'm in Portland. Thanks!

    - Patrice

  6. The simpler life becomes, the more work involved. The "simple life" is not for the lazy.