Friday, July 1, 2011

Be proud of me

This film was made by a 15 year old girl named Lizzie Palmer.

It had me wiping my eyes.


  1. That is fabulous. And it is the reason that, much to the consternation of my children and husband, I stop and say thank you to service men and women that I see. And you wouldn't believe how often they are surprised that anyone takes the time to say thank you.

  2. Love you, Debbie! Keep delivering the love, girl. We also hail up our border patrol agents in the same way. It's amazing how stunned some of them are to get their props from civilians. We also 'adopted' a pack of hard-guy deputies some years ago after they took on and fought down a famously bad street gang that took a liking to our small community.

    In that case we were able to take it one step further since they were based in our area. This next step involved [ahem] gathering sensitive intel and numerous discreet late night, back door deliveries to the cop shop of number 18 Trader Joe's shopping bags filled with classified nuts, candies, cakes, cookies, fruit and funny cards with plenty of gallows humor, because we're talking about tough guys and girls here, OK? lol It was a years-long treat for us all, and the fruits it bore within the community were precious.

    Despite your family's consternation, you're setting the example for your kids and blessing their lives in a way that only a loving parent can. Keep up the good work.

    A. McSp

  3. My fella is in the Army. When he got back from his deployment in Iraq almost a year and a half ago, it took him ten minutes to calm me down. I was bawling my eyes out...I had missed him so much and was so scared the whole time he was over there!

  4. WOW!!! I can't imagine that not bringing tears to someone's eyes. We thank God that our oldest son only had to go to Kuwait and only for 4 months. He's original assignment was Afghan. I almost fell apart when he told me. His wife was pregnant at that time with our granddaughter. I thank God that his assignment for Afghan was changed. God Bless our troops.

  5. Patrice, I did 27+ years in the Air Force with eight deployments around the world, including four to the Middle East. During my tours, any feelings of fear that I had were not so much that I would die (that would suck), but more for how would my family carry on. Would my boys grow up to be strong and behave like men? Would my wife always remember me, even if she moved on? Would my parents still be proud of my decision so many years ago? Would my nation take a just a moment away from their bar-b-q and beer to remember me and my fellow comrades on that last Monday in May?

    Thanks for posting. I am going to it link from my blog.


    PACNW Righty