Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interesting perspective

Someone found this older tongue-in-cheek post called Barefoot, In the Snow, Uphill, Both Ways from last January and took exception to it. (You'll have to read the old post to understand the context.) I decided not to post this as a comment on that post because (a) no one would see it, and (b) I can't edit out the swear words.

So, with swear words edited out, here's the comment:

This article is bull$#%&, i was born in 1988 and will never get how anyone can hate a generation as educated and tolerant as mine, the author is no better than the generation before him (which ruined America by the way), i find it funny that after being hit by your parents they would not turn out as good as we did, we didnt have itunes and $#%& until in my case high school, most of the stuff complained about not having we didnt always have either, I grew up playing nes/genesis not ps3/360, but its cool the author has their timelines right and the older games are more fun anyway, id rather play super mario brothers than call of duty, no remotes in the 80's? not according to my parents, and guides on the tv? still have to read them, have to wait a week for your cartoons? you dont see me complaining now cause i have to wait a week between episodes of the office, no microwaves? maybe if that generation was smarter someone would have invented them, as for being outside all day, my generation had a good balance, so dont worry about that, no car seats? once again i guess someone should have been smart enough to invent them or did they not care about little kids safety back then, I knew planty of people who walked to school every day we would do just fine in any decade

p.s. the generation being $#%& on in this article, some of them are in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting so people like the author have the right to voice/write their dumb opinions have a little respect


I thought you would enjoy this reader's perspective as much as I did. I'm glad he wrote it.


  1. In cases like this I wish I could write directly to the person making the comment. They are an angry and uninformed individual. To end by striking out with a tone of indignation about the current generation fighting overseas, as if they were the first and only fighting force of this country is an ignorant statement. My oldest son is one of those in the current military. He just got back from overseas. Before our sons, both served in the military, was my husband, his father, mother, brother, sister and my father. So, the young punk that wrote the comment, as if his generation is the first to serve, go read a history book or two. Ever generation of this country has had men put their lives on the line for our freedoms.
    The humor of the orginal post in January was great. It's pathetic when an uneducated, immature individual takes things personal and goes on a rant. Especially when they don't have the life experience to back up their mouth. He was right on one point- our military fight to give us the rights we enjoy. God Bless them and protect them.

  2. If this is the future of American manhood we're toast.

    This is the fruit of a Godless vine.

    A. McSp

  3. Why is he so angry? I heard the same stuff from my parents and grandparents. I didn't get mad. When I got a little older I became very appreciative of my parent's efforts to give me a better life, and more opportunities, than they had growing up.

    Could it be that he is angry because he is a spoiled brat too? Maybe he needs to have a couple of weeks unplugged!

  4. I would swear we had remotes and microwaves in the 80's. I can remember standing up to my hips in snow in Germany dreaming of microwaved food. Oh wait we older generations didn't serve in the military....sorry.

  5. i come accross punks like this just about everyday...they think they know it all and you cannot convince them otherwise. they are self-absorbed, disrespectful, crass, vulgar, dirty-mouthed brats, who think that their doo-doo does not stink. they give the decent kids of this generation a bad name- and that is too bad cause there are alot of decent, fine and upstanding young men and women out there. this particular writer will never know what being a true man/woman is-he/she will probably have a very short lifespan considering the major chip on the shoulder they are carrying around. and as far as "education and tolerance" are concerned- they are not worth much without life experiences and morals, which also help build character. the only "character" this kid has is the kind that is souless with rot.

  6. Sheesh. What the heck was THAT all about?

    I could barely get through it for all its grammatical convulsions. Thanks for a good laugh.

    Sad thing is, he has no idea why I'm laughing.

    Just Me

  7. When someone uses such foul language and shows such hypocritical, intolerant hate toward good people like Patrice I'm sorry, but I stop at the first foul word and go on to something else.

    By giving these hateful, confused and brain-washed individuals our time and patience, we only encourage them and convince them they're right. They're all nothing more than adult spoiled brats, totally beyond any reasoning whatsoever. WE CANNOT CHANGE THE WAY THEY THINK! It would take another lifetime to do so, and then only if they were receptive to it, which of course they are not.

    These spoiled, self-centered individuals needed a darn good spanking when they were growing up, or possibly they got too many spankings and very little loving discipline. Since we can't spank them now and reasoning with them is impossible, why do we continue knocking our heads against the wall explaining and re-explaining ourselves to them? This is what Christ meant when He told us not to cast our pearls before swine.

  8. No we didn't have the internet. And most people didn't have cable so you could only watch cartoons, etc. on Saturday morning.

    But we still struggled and persevered in our efforts to waste a lot of time watching television! LOL

  9. Oh wow. Somehow, the need to use that many swear words along with the spelling/grammatical errors just doesn't promote the "my generation is smarter than yours" point that person is trying to make. I was born in '80 and to be honest, my husband and I are saddened by many in our generation and the ones younger. We are trying hard to make a difference in our children. I hope there are more out there trying to better their children and not letting them all turn out like that author- angry, ignorant, uneducated and self-righteous. Did anyone else catch that this person said he/she was of the most TOLERANT generation??? I don't think tolerant means getting that angry over other people's opinions.

  10. Oi! Was it really a guy that wrote that? My little sis is his age, and she doesn't go on stupid little rants like this. In fact, she knows how to shut idiots like him down with sound arguments, some of them her former 'friends'. Sadly, many of those in the slightly older age group (mine) aren't any better, and people wonder why I remain single. -_-


  11. All I can say is: HUH??? Let's hope s/he doesn't reproduce!

    Anonymous Patriot

  12. I'm actually going to come to the aid of the author of this rant. Though the author took it way too seriously, I have to admit it can get tiring hearing older generations whine that the younger generation has it so easy or can't contribute like they did. The author turned the tables is all. (unfortunately with expletives and anger). I just wish he'd realize the article was all in fun.

  13. Anonymous @ 12:14pm -

    Maybe some find it tiring listening to the older generations talk about all of that, but younger generations have been having to listen to it from older generations since mankind was put on this earth. It's part of being younger, and develops patience and tolerance, and it should foster respect for the older generations.

    Unfortunately, the author of the rant appears to think himself too good to learn from his elders.

    It is interesting that he speaks of how educated and tolerant his generation is, as well as how "good" they turned out, and then proceeds to demonstrate his own lack of education (poor grammar, poor usage, expletives), intolerance, arrogance, and condescension. How unfortunate that he is completely oblivious to his pitiful state! I wonder how old he will be before he realizes that he, in fact, does not know everything, and is not actually God's gift to the planet.

    His comment was good for a chuckle. A sad chuckle, but a chuckle nonetheless.

  14. I guess my comment did not fit with how you wanted the op to be portrayed. Have a good day. No more traffic from me to your blog.What a hypocrite.

  15. "Miss M" is absolutely right! Fortunately, there have always been many individuals who do NOT think like our foul-minded, grammatically-impaired rantor. These are the ones who are truly wise beyond their young ages. They have respect for older folks. Shoot, they have respect for ALL folks! I try to focus on them and ignore the spoiled rantors of the world.

  16. my neighbor had a huge microwave in the late '60's. we used to love going to her house to cut grass and do other chores for her cause she would microwave a cake to reward us. by the early 70's many, many people were investing in the microwave oven and by the late '70s just about every other household had one (by the way, they were an expensive appliance at that time). while we were stationed on the island of okinawa (japan), early '80s we not only had a personal computer but we also had internet access if we could afford it. this guy needs to talk to the right folks and maybe read a little more.

  17. The original piece described my childhood to a tee. And I frequently tease my kids and their friends about their high-tech, high-resolution, graphically advanced, first-person shooter games, especially when they comment on how bad I am at playing them.

    My response to their teasing is this, "You just don't understand where I'm coming from. When I was your age, my video game was two sticks and a square. You hit the square back and forth with your sticks. The controller had one joystick and one button! Computers didn't have GUI, the screen was black, and the text came in only one of two colors - green or amber!"

    And I actually found it interesting to hear my Mom's stories, "When I was a kid, I had two dresses - one for school, and one for church. If we went swimming, I had to wear my school dress, because I didn't have a swimsuit."

    It's oral history disguised as a rant. I find it educational.


  18. This person's post is just as good as the original post he was replying to. If the person responding to the original post is a hypocrite, why isn't the original poster one as well? It looks to me that they both bashed each others generation.

  19. I found the original post obviously a tongue-in-cheek essay. If that wasn't obvious to the reader then he should read more as to be able to recognize sarcasm when presented. My first impression of this response was that the writer is angry (probably about much more than the essay he read)and immature.

    When did they stop teaching punctuation and grammar in school??!?! This response post was difficult to read because of how poorly it was written. A reflection of the intelligence and education of the writer, no doubt.