Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Catching up on some kind folks who have posted me recently.

Mara Helland, CPA, put my book on her Helpful Links page.

Shakin in the Nation is a pretty cool in-your-face blog from a Christian perspective.

Another no-holds-barred conservative blog called I Don't Get It. Some excellent reading here.

Here's a lovely book review from a homeschooling mom on a neat blog called Living on Faith.

Rather unexpectedly I came across a blog called A Cultivated Nest in which the blogger had just received my book and posted her plans to read it while...recovering from a scorpion sting! Yikes! That's not a scenario you come across every day!

Here's a spiffy website called Unreliance dedicated to fierce independence. I'm also looking forward to reading his book.

My WND column Occupied Nation was linked on the Abigail Adams Tea Party Patriots page.

My WND column Occupied Nation was also linked on Johnny 2K's blog.

Remember, if you link to me, let me know so I can link back!

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