Saturday, July 16, 2011


Older Daughter had a piano recital last Thursday in the town of Colfax, Washington. Her piano teacher also teaches harp, so I got conscripted to transport two harps a well as my daughter.

The outskirts of Colfax -- a small county seat located in the wide Palouse region -- were beautiful.

The recital was held in a small church, which was quite lovely.

Unfortunately the above photo totally washes out the gorgeous stained glass windows.

A total of seven harps performed.

Older Daughter played two pieces, both beautifully.

I sure wish those stained glass windows had photographed properly, as it was a beautiful backdrop to her playing.


  1. I sure wish we had sound! The setting in a quaint church for a recital was a brilliant idea. What pieces did your daughter chose to play? Usually the acoustics are preplanned in the architectural design of church buildings. I can close my eyes and imagine the almost angelical quality to the music with all those harps.
    You must be so proud of her musical talent Patrice.


  2. Lovely! I've always loved the sound of harps (and piano), and I can just imagine how beautiful the music was.

    There's a weird shadow on your daughter's arm in the last picture. Better watch out, or some troll from freejinger will start accusing you of child abuse! Those people! blech.

    Keep on keeping on,

  3. I, too, wish we could have heard your daughter and all 7 harps! Sounds lovely!
    My dad grew up in Colfax :)