Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random pix

Some random pix from the last few days.

Fireworks with the neighbors on Independence Day.

A bumper sticker. I'd never heard this term before!

My summer "farmer's tan" lines.

Daisies and orange hawkweed (a noxious invasive pest, but very pretty).

Music tableau.

Our dog Major, stuck in a sunbeam.

More daisies. I just love these flowers.


  1. What's idabilly?

  2. Idabilly....I love it!

  3. Hey Patrice,
    Your "Farmer's Tan" reminded me of a Wyeth painting called "Trodden Weed." It is another unusual self- portrait:
    --K in OK <><

    I hope the info for the link works. Going to help in Joplin tomorrow.

  4. Do you really want to know why I visit with you and Don every make me smile.

  5. I LOVE that bumper sticker! It's great. I wasn't born in California but I've lived there.

    How do your dogs do with the fireworks? Ours are really terrified of the noise so we never have fireworks here. Of course that doesn't stop some of the neighbors. (It was a very long night).