Monday, July 11, 2011

On the radio! And the radio! And the radio!

Man alive, the publicist who is booking radio interviews for me has outdone herself. I'm doing THREE tomorrow! And as if that's not wild enough, on Wednesday I'm doing a radio interview with a HUGE show which broadcasts nationwide on 300 stations with over 3 million readers!!! (Pause while my knees knock together.)

My interviews are listed here.

Wish me luck...!


  1. Holy cow, that's a lot of talking to do in a short timeframe. You'll do fine, it's not your first rodeo, er...I mean radio interview.

    If somebody asks you a question that you can't answer (like that would actually ever happen), just do what the politicians do - provide an answer that has absolutely nothing to do with the question.

    Sometimes, if the conversation lags, you can whip out a prop and use it to get the host "excited" about something new and shiny. So, be sure to take your EDC with you to each interview. If it's anything like mine, there will be a different shiny object for each interviewer to gawk over. They will spend so much time trying to describe the objects to their listeners that the time will fly by.

    Good luck!

    Anonymoous Patriot

  2. Alright Mrs. Lewis, great news! Good Luck!