Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second day of sales

Oh my goodness, yesterday we had a phenomenal day of sales. We expected Friday to be better than Thursday (which it was) but you know how much better? We sold 43 pieces. Wow!

We began the day at a local Safeway grocery store to get ice. I happened to notice this box of watermelons sporting the proud label of "locally grown" right above the lettering on the box announcing the watermelons came from Bakersfield, CA (way way way down south). Just wondering how local "locally-grown" foods are....

The urban 'scapes from the event's location never fail to fascinate me. I'm a country girl through and through, but a dose of the city once in awhile is wonderful.

There were several bands playing throughout the day. My booth isn't far from the stage, so it can get noisy. I dubbed this group the Shirtless Wonders since they were performing shirtless. It was a warm day but not that warm, so I'm guessing this was part of their schtick? Maybe?

This very nice fellow came into the booth sporting some extraordinary ear-wear. I asked permission to take a photo. All I can say is...OUCH.

Some of the T-shirts du jour:

I thought this was an interesting religious perspective, but apparently it has something to do with a music group.

This photo is for my girls, who love Dilbert.

I thought this shirt encompassed a lot about modern culture.

This shirt was worn by an extremely well-endowed young lady who wasn't afraid to state the obvious.

Anyway as the day progressed and we sold more and more pieces, I removed first the lowest shelf of one of the shelving units...

...then the shelf above that.

When we broke down the booth for the night, we removed one of the smaller shelving units altogether and are down to three units. It's best to keep shelves looking full, so we'll keep removing shelves or even full units as needed.

Two readers made their way to the booth to say hello, both delightful gentlemen whom it was a pleasure to meet. One fellow was lucky enough to visit when there wasn't a band playing and the crowds in the booth were fairly thin, but the other poor fellow came when the stage was noisy and the booth was packed (so I didn't have much of an opportunity to become acquainted). However I wanted to thank both men for taking the time to come say hello.



  1. Speaking of Dilbert, one of the best ones is a video called The Nack:

    Ham Operator

    oops, TMI

  2. You made me laugh so hard! The tshirt that says "May the god of our choice..." I don't believe is affiliated with a music group. Kinky Friedman is a politician here in TX that keeps running for various offices including Governor recently. LOL He's definitely a character...

    I am glad to see you did well at your craft show...

    Amy E

  3. It was a real pleasure to have met you in person Patrice. I wish there was more opportunity for us to talk, but it was good to see that you had a steady flow of potential customers taking a look at steins. I think it was the Dilbert shirt that you took a picture of when I was there.

    Hope you had an even better day on Saturday.


    p.s. How many pita chips are left.

  4. Abpit the kinky t shirt. Kinky ran for Gov. of Tx a couple of years ago. Dont really think there was anything religous about him.
    Just saying

  5. Locally grown is in your state. I work at a major chain store and when we have a product from our state it is locally grown. Even cheese that comes from the other side of the state is local. Mind you we are 15 miles off of the border of another state and that is not local. Go figure.

  6. It surprised me that you included the "Got Jugs" picture. I would be ashamed if my daughter thought wearing that shirt was ok. And I can't imagine you thinking it would be cute if your daughter wore it. I'm sure more than a few guys about fell over themselves trying to look though and I'm sure the girl must have gotten the reaction she wanted.

    I'm disappointed I guess.

  7. The booth be looking good.

    The peeps be looking mondo freakioso...P-land notwithstanding...or maybe it's your eye and instincts....

    Everyone looking forward to Patrice being home, raise your hand...or a paw... or a tail...or a wing or a leaf...

    The good-timedness of the trip is rubbing right off onto my screen. I wish you were sitting here at my counter to tell me all its stories as I cook up these fresh tortillas.

    A. McSp

  8. Kinky Freidman, eh ?
    He's actually kind of a fun ol' Texas character.

    He used to have a band called
    Kinky Freidman and the Texas Jewboys.

    Gotta love a guy who'll do that in Texas.