Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting ready for Portland

Our busy season is upon us for our woodcraft business. We've been manufacturing tankards like crazy, both to fill some outstanding wholesale orders as well as getting me ready for my once-a-year venture to Portland to sell them.

Here we have about 135 pieces we're prepping to spray.

We use a dremel to smooth out any rough spots on the handles as well as round over the inside lip of the tankard. We use the chisel to remove any excess bits of glue around the handle base, as well as remove any rough spots inside the tankards.

After spraying the outside (twice) with varnish, yesterday we spent the entire day lining the insides (twice) with the food-safe epoxy resin. It was a long day of sitting, so between coats the girls and I walked to the mailboxes (three miles round trip) to stretch our legs.

At this point we let the tankards air-dry for a couple of days before baking them in the oven to force-cure the lining. After testing for leaks, the tankards will be ready to sell.

You'll notice I'm being deliberately vague about where in Portland I'll be selling them. That's because the event is loud, intense, and screamingly busy. I'll have NO time to visit.

However, I would love to have a chance to meet any local readers while in Portland. I looked into doing a booksigning at Powell's, but they're already booking authors into October and November, so I'm too late.

So here's a question for all Portland residents: what's another bookstore that might be a good place to arrange a booksigning? If you can give me a couple of suggestions, I'll look into them. Thanks!


  1. I remember back in 2001 going to a book reading/signing by Terry Brooks at a Barnes and Nobles, think it was in Tigard but not sure. But you could call and see if they still do them.

  2. Barnes and Noble in the Clackamas Town Center. That's all I can think of right now. I would definitely make the trip to say hello and get a signed copy of your book. (Even to Portland - which I detest!) Hope you can set something up.


  3. Vintage book store right across the river is nice. Even if you can't do a signing you should visit, it's an unusual place. I go every time I'm in town and it's about 15 minutes from the market

  4. Will you display the book for sale at the event?

    Is there any helper at hand who could help your work the booth so as to allow you the space to stop to sign them?

    Getting the word out would certainly be no problem.

    It would sure streamline things and I can't help but think the pubs might love it.

    Just thinkin....

    A. McSp