Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A day of domestic duties

It has been a busy, busy week -- sorry for the silence on the blog!

Saturday was a day of domestic duties. Younger Daughter was off with friends and Older Daughter had an outdoor project she was working on, so the domestic duties fell my way.

I did a lot of cooking/baking. Here are the makings for two apple pies. In the back is a bowl of dough rising for a double batch of English muffins (just before putting it in the oven to let rise).

After this, I made three quiches.

Then I finished the English muffins. Here the dough has gone through the first rising. I rolled and cut the dough while Older Daughter brushed the muffins with water and dipped them in cornmeal before letting them go through the second rising.

(Mostly) unbaked loot for the day: English muffins, apple pies, quiche.

Baked loot.

Naturally all this industriousness left the kitchen a disaster. Don wondered if there were any dishes I hadn't dirtied. Before...

...and after. (Much better!)

Besides kitchen stuff, I also washed and hung four loads of laundry, using both the folding rack... well as the hanging rack Don made me last year after our clothes line broke. We haven't gotten around to fixing the outdoor clothes line yet, but that's okay -- the indoor ones work great.

That was my Saturday.


  1. Gee whiz! You need to get a job so you can get some rest! ;)

    I also want to thank you for taking the time and trouble to write "The Simplicity Primer". I am thoroughly enjoying it!

  2. The "simple" life can be quite exhausting. :) This post reminds me that I really need to try your english muffin recipe.

  3. What an industrious gal! And bet you had outside chores to boot!

    Thanks for showing your suspended indoor clothesline. I have been trying to figure out how to make one! THANKS!

  4. I'm loving those kitchen cabinets! I'm blessed with 3 daughters to help, and I know how hard it is to keep up with it all when they are busy with other things! But there is nothing like how great you feel at the end of the day for accomplishing all those things you wanted to get done.

  5. i just experienced a day like this one...whew, i am ready to put my feet up and enjoy some reading.

  6. I'm gonna be giggling for a week. Your disaster kitchen so reminds me of my own handiwork. And when I get on a roll baking and cooking mama usually just goes to hide until AFTER the cleanup is done. But she reappears quick when it comes time for the eating.

    Thanks again, Patrice.

    Winston Bearkiller

  7. Great haul of loot, ladies!

    The hanging clothesline rack by the window looks a whole lot like my Grandma's quilting frame. Very useful.

    I have a 6' piece of 1x12 suspended from the ceiling. It holds nearly all the everyday pots, pans and utensils. We used good hooks and hardware and a couple of the little racks and rotating utensil hangers to make it super functional. Add some varnish and a real strong husband who suspended it very securely from the studs in the ceiling.

    It hangs in easy reach of the stove, counters and sink, and it's turned a spartan little galley-style kitchen into a seriously functional workspace.

    It's also proven to be a useful earthquake alert. [ahem]

    The upper surface is also useful for storage, like summer picking baskets, wicker food trays, cookie sheets and so forth.

    I'd be in a bad way without it.

    Oh, and we had coyotes in the yard last night. Woowoo woooooo.

    A. McSp

  8. You are an inspiration. The Oklahoma Pastry Cloth blog sent me. She told me that you had the right idea with the baking day. Pure genius. I am going to try it tomorrow. I am your newest follower. Thanks again.