Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random pix

I have so many random pix from the last week that they have to spill out sometime, so here they are.

Golden dust kicked up from a car driving on the dirt road in the evening sun:

The leaves of this young pear tree were shimmering in the sun:

Matilda enjoying summer:

Lydia lounging:

Wild roses and ninebark in bloom along a country road:

Some classic virga:

Fighting the tractor once more. It didn't work so Don called our mechanic who will no doubt wave his magic wand and make it run.

Extreme zoom-in of a western meadowlark. They're all over the place this time of year, lending their melodic songs.

Extreme zoom-ins of a robin, possibly one of my favorite birds:

A visitor in the strawberry bed:

Wild roses. I just discovered the macro zoom feature on my camera so I'm having fun with it:

Shipping books last week:

Redneck bumper sticker:

...and a redneck antenna. Yes, it's barbed wire. Fabulous!

Pretty tableau:

The differences between an older teen (the clothes piles in back) and a younger teen (the clothes piles in front). I might add that this photo speaks volumes about my girls.

Rainbow... sunset.


  1. Thank you, dear lady. Your pix are beautiful, as usual! As for that tractor, the first thing my wife and I are going to do when we win the lottery is buy you a new one! (Wish us luck.) --Fred & Deb

  2. Hello Patrice! Mom of 13 here, former homeschooler and admirer of your writing abilities. Your place looks like ours--jerseys, dogs, fruit trees and tractor. I enjoyed your pictures so much and will keep checking back to see what is new on your blog. Keep on writing the common sense we're thinking! God bless you, Jan

  3. I have a baling wire antenna! Got it when we were visiting family in TX. I lost mine driving on those wonderful farm roads and my DH made me a new one at his brother's place. I love it!