Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to my new troll!

I always enjoy picking up a troll or two, unless of course the troll's language is inexcusably vulgar (remember Becky?)

My newest troll is evidently going through a lot of older posts. Recently he/she read my post Raising Boys to be Husbands and found something within to be objectionable:

"A man should be strong enough to know he is weak and flawed, and where to turn to remedy that. A man with faith guides his family toward God."

What strength can come from guiding family members toward non-thought, myth, slavery, and lies? I am curious to know if Christians realize that their religion was created by the Egyptians to enslave the minds of the commoners? Take a look at the mithra as well.

Religion and god does not speak to fully mature and accountable people.

I would like to let this poster know that I certainly welcome dissenting opinions as long as they're politely expressed, and so far you're doing fine. Welcome!


  1. I can't wait to read the comments on this one!

  2. Where does this person get his information that Christianity was invented by the Egyptians. Truthfully, the ancient Egyptian religion is an apostate version of the true religion given to Adam and passed down to Abraham. But some people are too brainwashed to get it.

  3. Becky (not the troll)October 12, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    Oh man. I'm going to have to change my post name... :o)

    Becky (not the troll)

  4. I wonder if she knows that she is talking about judaism? After all, Christianity didn't come about until the birth of Jesus Christ, at which time the ancient Egyptians had been conquered by the Romans 31 years in the past....
    If you're going to argue, at least know what you're talking about.

  5. Fully mature and accountable people? So, all those gangs, rapists, murderers and thieves are your idea of fully mature and accountable? Religious people donate more of their time and money to care for others than non-religious people. They consider it their responsibility to care for themselves and their families, not rely on the government. And, I would rather meet a group of Christians late at night in a dark alley than non-Christians.
    Christians around the world are the bravest and most mature people there are. To stand up and count yourself, publicly in the face of persecution and opposition that is so prevalent in the world today requires more maturity and inner strength than siding with the bullies ever required.
    Dear Troll, I'm sorry your mother and father didn't teach you to respect other peoples views. I certainly think it is appropriate to discuss differences but to berate and belittle others about their views is a sure sign of immaturity. Come back when you have an intelligent argument.

  6. I suppose we have been given the freedom of choice by our Creator. Choose to fallow or not, choose to accept Him or not, choose heaven or hell... it's each ones choice. Have a blessed day. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  7. Having several trolls is the mark of having made it in the blogosphere. Well done!

  8. If the egyptians made Christianity why don't we get to have pyramids. I think pyramids would really bring more people to church. After church you could slide down the side

  9. Believe as you will,but even if there is no God, what harm could could there be in religious beliefs? Unpleasant things have been done in the name of Christianity,but they were just hiding behind it. There are plenty of fictions in everyday life-the value of money(fiat currency means it has value because someone says it does),or the belief that government can cure all ills.
    I used to work at a Methodist college,and met a lot of truly wonderful people. If they are misguided, the world needs more people misguided in the same way.
    Acquiring trolls is like having Weird Al Yankovic do a parody of your song-you've truly made it at that point.

  10. "...god does not speak to fully mature and accountable people."

    Adam, Abraham, and especially Moses, must be quite perplexed to see you make such blatantly blasphemous statements.

    Are you aware that The whole /functioning basis of our present legal system that we are accountable to, as citizens of our society is based on the Ten Commandments, as given to Moses by God and cited to the Hebrews (and those Egyptians who were fleeing with the Jews, to denounce despotism from the Pharoah's idol worship).

    I will make an observation about your statement.
    You are agnostic. A modern idol worshiper.
    At the least, research your historical biblical dates regarding Christianity, (the New Testament) vs. The Old Testament.
    hint: you're way off.

    Then you will be able to formulate a credible argument regarding just Whom God actually spoke to and why you feel they were not of just character and accountable to meet YOUR astringent requirements.


  11. lol, i just cannot top what has already been commented..i agree with them are becoming famous patrice..keep writing.

  12. I have always believed that the purpose of religion is to guide you and help you become the best person you can be.I have found both good and bad people who practice Christianity,wicca and pagan religions.It just proves that no one should judge or critisize others about what they believe in.

  13. I normally refuse to feed a troll, but I am compelled.

    I believe God will speak to everyone's heart at some point in their lives. And that opportunity is theirs to accept or to squander. It's called free will. Free will is the other side of the coin of God's love and together they are the essence of His plan for mankind. One is meaningless without the other. Acceptance, and the faith that drives it is the basis for our relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

    But we know that not all will hear or heed God's offering. Most people don't stop to fully appreciate that the Word makes it pretty clear that those who will not hear (that means consciously refuse) may well outnumber the rest of us. That may be the hardest thing there is to accept in our lifetimes, that many will not be reached, will not hear, will not come to know God and His love and will not survive the end and the judgment. Even people we know and care about. They will be unimaginably prideful and adamant and unwavering in their refusal to accept the possibility, even in the face of God's increasingly blatant attempts to reach them.

    But...we can always pray for a change in them, pray for their hearts and minds to open, to give God's design a chance. Some will be souls won for Christ. And a great many will be lost.

    There may be no greater prayer we can ever offer in His name.

    Jeff - Tucson

  14. Aren't trolls those critters who live under a bridge and snatch children as they cross over the bridge? There are at least two words we also use to label these folks; can you name the two words?

  15. "Fully mature and accountable people? So, all those gangs, rapists, murderers and thieves are your idea of fully mature and accountable?" As I understand it, Christianity is the religion of choice for US soldiers, you know that massive gang of global rapists, plunderers, occupiers, and destroyers that care not to honor their enlistment oath.

    Here is one list of characters similar to the christ:
    sol invictus
    Amen Ra
    any solar and most serpent deities


    1. Ramses II, Amon-Ra, and Nut.
    2. Horus, Osiris, and Isis.
    3. moon god, Lord of the Heavens, and sun god.
    4. Ishtar, Sin, and Shamash.
    5. Buddhist triune of transformation body, enjoyment body, and truth body.
    6. The Hindu triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. (Trimurti)
    7. The Brahmas also have their trinity. In their trinity, Vajrapani, Manjusri, and Avalokitesvara.
    8. China and Japan also worship Buddha, but they know him as “Fo.” When they worship him they say “Fo, is one god but has three forms.”
    9. The ancient Egyptians also worshipped a trinity. Their symbol of a wing, a globe, and a serpent is supposed to have stood for the different attributes of their god

    Please let us know why the new testament christ story is the preferred one among so many other stories that predate christ by 100's to thousands of years?

    One calling thee a troll obviously has no substance to their position.

  16. Where does "amen" come from? The sudan prior to the Egyptian dynasties? One should know what it is they speak at the end of prayer. Is it too much to ask the devout to have a thorough historical comprehension of their belief set?

    Who reads and comprehends greek? Aramaic? Hebrew? All three?

  17. Dear friend anonymous. You ask why the " testament christ story is the preferred one among so many other stories that predate christ by 100's to thousands of years?"

    I've read of all those other gods and prophets you list. Heck, I chased "God" all my life and I never seemed to catch him. Just like you. I read commentaries by noted religious scholars and secular wise men. Just like you. And I took great joy in my intellectual superiority over "The common clay", the folks who needed the crutch of a deity. My goodness, my pride ran high. Just like you. So how did I ever become a follower of The Christ? I finally skipped the middle man and read His words. Give it a try. Find a red letter Bible and read only the red words. You can get to the rest later if you've a mind. And if you are honest with yourself and your search for meaning in your life, you will get to it. But for right now, just read the red words. Then ask yourself the question you asked us here. Here's my answer. There has never been another man like Jesus. There has never been, before or after, a trinity like the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. No where in all of the history of mankind and his gods has any such a 'creation' existed. I say 'creation' because all of the gods before and after were and are so obviously created by men. They had the same virtues and vices as man: simply writ large. Jesus could never be the creation of men. His words and actions are antithetical to base human weakness. Please take another look. Don't be afraid. The sad and evil way you attack and denigrate (specifically) American soldiers tells me that your life is one of fear and self-loathing. Read the Word of God. Know the truth and be set free. God waits for you. Open the door of your heart to His love. Imperfect we all are. And being imperfect we can never be a part of perfection. Not on our own. But God so loves us that he gave us his Word. And if we believe in Him and accept His free gift, we will never have to face the terrible void: the absence of God. Take the gift. It's free.

  18. "The sad and evil way you attack and denigrate (specifically) American soldiers tells me that your life is one of fear and self-loathing. "

    I fail to see how I attacked or denigrated US soldiers. I simply reported on the fact that US soldiers rape and murder people around the world. Surely you do not dispute this fact? If an American soldier rapes a little Iraqi kid then kills her and her family how would I be self -loathing to report and condemn such a crime? I can see how you have read the red letters then cast them aside as you admire the abject debauchery provided by American soldiers around the world. The gift of god(s) is certainly not free. In fact the price of god is a self lobotomy, rejection of reason, total destruction that results from refusing to think intelligently, mass condemnation and annihilation of those(including family) that do not believe as you do. All for what? So you can feel special and an imaginary African/Egyptian god ghost that is unable to escape the confines of one's imagination? Is it worth it?

  19. Well that was predictable. Noting that Christianity is a mere hodgepodge of much older mythology resulted in total denial of this provable fact. Hypothetical constructs involving trinities and Christ predate the time of the alleged Christ by many hundreds to thousands of years as recorded in stone by highly literate societies. predictable was the idea put forth, "My god is the bestest!"

    Well of course your god is the best because your desire to feel special and set apart supersedes any ideas to the contrary.

    Pride goeth before the fall....

  20. Hey, Anonymous 2:49, I have a question for you:

    Shouldn't you rejoin your friends at the Occupy Wall Street protest soon?

    Trolls - so very predictable and, thus, so very boring. Ho hum.

    Anonymous Patriot

  21. Been awhile since I've had a troll... got to love them, they do bring a lot of traffic with their opinions!

  22. In discussions with the close-minded, those with closed minds divert the discussion to name calling. Citing isolated cases of wrong-doing by US Soldiers to condemn all US Soldiers and therefore all Christians is essentially insane. A similarly insane statement would be to develop an inference from a case of atheistic teacher (or two)convicted of an inappropriate relationship with a student, that therefore all teachers and therefore all atheists are horrible child molesters. Really faulty application of anything resembling logic.

    Why does the commenter not also cite the use of rape as a social control tool in most Islamic countries? Why does he/she not cite the brutal rape of a female news reported in Egypt by Islamic protestors as an inditement of all under Islam? WHy does he/she not report the many incredible acts of kindness to people throughout Iraq by US Soldiers -- including hard work to find medical care to correct congenital malformations AND injuries inflicted by Islamists in children and young adults? Why do you not mention those who Soldiers gave their lives to free the Iraquis from the evil of Sadam? ( I have heard personal testimony from one of the 'UN weapons inspectors' that I worked with that they found WAREHOUSES full of needed food and medical supplies that Sadam kept from his people so he could lambast the US -- the inspectors were forbidden to publicly discuss ANYTHING they found EXCEPT evidence of WMD -- so why is the UN not a bunch of evil-doers too -- Oh, because the members are not normally Christian, perhaps?)

    How many US Soldiers does the commenter know personally? I know and work with many. They tend to be the best of people, and many rely on their Christian faith as a moral compass. As in all of society, there is a bell curve with especially good and brave on one end (usually Medal of Honor recipients) and the worst on the other (bad guys who rape). I suspect if you compare those bell-curve stats against the non-Soldier group of 18 to 24 year olds nation- (or world-) wide, the Soldier-curve will have many fewer on the bad-guy end and many more toward the M-O-H end.

    I certainly agree with you, Patrice. Feeding the Trolls is not a logical or productive use of our energies, so I'll swear off now, too!

  23. I'm an atheist myself, but I respect your beliefs. If you believe something, either real or not, and it makes you happy and a better person then who am I to try to tell you otherewise? I don't believe in God, but I do believe in good and evil. Evil is a person with no beliefs that tries to convince someone of faith that their belief is false. That is evil. I would love to have faith, I really have that serenity and peace that comes from having a higher power, but I havn't found it yet. But to try and deprive someone else of that would be complete evil.. So ignore those trolls. They must be very unhappy in their own lives to try and deprive others of happiness. Just like those bullies in grade school..

  24. Well said, Anon 7:51. Well said indeed.

    - Patrice