Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random pix

I've been collecting a lot of random photos over the last couple of weeks. Here are some of them.

Take me home, country road...

We are just -- and I mean just -- starting French. Here we're discussing the basics of French pronunciation.

Here we're conjugating the irregular verb ĂȘtre.

Happy chickens.

Lydia, caught in a sunbeam.

Here's a bumper sticker you don't see very often.

Our evening herd of deer.


A farmer bales wheat straw.

Field burning -- burning off crop residue -- is legal in our county. Here, a field was baled and then burned. I thought the contrast between the bales and the field was nice.

Some interesting things seen at a small fair.

A nice barn we passed.

It was after dark but we needed to get some work done on the tankards. So Don set up a portable floodlight and we all got busy.

Fireweed, gone to seed.

Early morning shadows.

Early morning chickens.

Early morning frost, first of the season. (That's the white stuff on the ground, for all my Florida readers [wink].)

This little girl started right up our driveway in broad daylight...

...before changing her mind and heading back into the woods.

My yeast was getting old and losing its oomph. The last batch of bread that came out of the bread machine was short and dense. The girls thought it was "cute"...

...and proved their point by adding a bow. Awwww.

The Virginia creeper is turning color.

Lydia explores the garden.

Cooling lemon meringue pies for the neighborhood potluck.

Drying laundry.

A visiting magpie.

A perch with a view.

Now that winter is coming and it's dark when I get up in the morning, I've started lighting this little oil lamp, just for beauty.

Some sunrises...

...and sunsets:


  1. Beautiful pictures and well done, thanks.

  2. When life goes by faster than the speed of light it's nice to see such beautiful Still Life photos.
    -K in OK <><
    Maybe a chapter in your next book could be 'Take Time to Take photos' It's simple to make memories last!

  3. Very nice, I love looking at pictures like these. Thanks.

  4. Very pretty pictures...and I have a funny story for your "French Students". When I was in HS, I took 4 years of French and by the second year, I thought I was hot stuff. My father taught at the University of Maine in Orono during the summers and so that particular year, we went to the Gaspé in Nova Scotia for a couple of weeks. We stayed in some cabins where the proprietor did not speak English - only French. My mom needed to wash clothes and so, I and my youngest sister went to the main office where I intended to converse in French, get directions to a laundramat AND impress my sister as a bonus. I had looked up the word for 'laundry' in my dictionary and was prepared. "Bonjour! Ou est une blanchisserie, Madame?" The lady looked at me confused. Then she smiled with an "Ah!! Oui!" and came back with a stack of towels, sheets, etc. I said, "Non Non!" and began to air-wash, air-wring and air-hangout clothes. She watched my antics and then smiled again. "Ohhh. Une Laundramat!" Of course, duh. :-)

  5. Nice pictures. The question I have is, 'why French?' Personal preference, family heritage, closeness to Canada? Why not Chinese or Spanish?

  6. I'm half French so there's some cultural heritage there, but we also chose French because the nanny school which Older Daughter plans to attend recommended either Spanish (if she wants to be placed with a family in the south) or French (for placement in other areas). Older Daughter doesn't like hot weather and so would prefer not to have a southern placement, so French it is.

    Besides, it's the only foreign language I took when I was younger, so it's the only one I'm even remotely qualified to teach.

    - Patrice

  7. Beautiful photos. A's in all my high school subjects except French. D- sigh.

  8. Hey! I'm a Florida reader, and I'll have you know it got 21 degrees here last year! And according to my mother, it actually snowed once. Back in 1977. haha

  9. Cool frost picture -pun intended:)But those pies look amazing! My husband just had a customer tell him to pick all the key limes he wants-so key lime pies here we come!!
    Happy day,friend!

  10. I liked the "Princess Parking Only" sign the best since we have two granddaughters.... Here is another one for the books: Seen on a milk tanker along Interstate 75 in Kentucky/ Tennessee. On the back of the tanker was this phrase: "From the titties to the cities" .....