Sunday, October 2, 2011

The future of Europe?

For quite some time now, my husband has been monitoring the goings-on in Europe with regard to the Euro and the countries being baled out (or needing to be baled out). Recently he flagged this article.

Germany has been shouldering the brunt of these financial obligations and are understandably fed up. "The European Financial Stability Facility has a ceiling of 440 billion euros ($590 billion), 211 billion of which is down to Germany," said German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. "And that is it. Finished."

Finished. As in, Germany won't be baling out anyone else. While I cannot argue this decision, it does beg the question -- what's the future for Europe?

My husband thinks it may be war.


  1. Indeed war may come from it but we are now seeing the first cracks in great liberal wealth redistribution movement. For decade there has been enough growth and surplus for them to guilt every Western Nation into shouldering the cost of raising the living standard of other nations.

    As there is less to go around everyone is going to need to keep more of their own and it is going to cause strife and break up the lopsided financial burdens they have set up. First Nations then States and counties and finally families.

    One more step down the ladder of decline.

  2. I recently read that when Europe falls, the U.S. is 2 weeks behind.

  3. The first war will come between the unproductive whose way of life has been subsidized by the productive, and the productive who have been penalized for being productive and have had the rewards for their labor given to the unproductive.

  4. The World's financial hubs have been combined into too interdependent of a "conglomerate monopoly". The demise of Europe began with the Euro.

    What happens on one side of the big pond will happen on the other shore shortly after.

    I agree with Don.
    War has always been the "cure-all" for failing economies.

    History repeats itself. The center of the world financial circle game is now rolling swiftly on a long downhill slope that will reveal worldwide reckoning consequences for the next 4 or 5 decades.

    Hold on tight, pray deeply, that we all do not get thrown off the earth by this evil act of NWO greed.


  5. Before I reply directly to this topic, I would like to prevail upon your patience and share with you all a change I've noticed in myself. When I first came upon Patrice's blog, I was very serious about politics, but had a sense of humor about many of our country's foibles and other's personal incidents. There was a lightness in my being, although there was also a strong sense of impending tyranny of government. Now, however, I feel my sense of humor is leaving me. There is very little that is funny now. We are in the last days of America and I sense it down deep in my being. These days may be the last ones I can take a drive in the countryside without a permit. Or the last time I can water my tomatoes without a license to grow my own vegetables. Times are changing rapidly. We must pay close attention to everything and question what we see and hear. We are being lied to about everything. Be vigilant! Now on to address Patrice's post:

    Europe is doomed. War is inevitable. The bad guys will win this time around. Once Europe falls to an anarchist/communist/anti-capitalist/radical muslim coalition, America will not be far behind.

    It is all coming to pass, as described in Mark 13. Our churches are polluted with blasphemers. Our government is corrupt. Our families are torn apart. Drugs and sex fill the bodies and minds of our youth. Self-reliance and personal responsibility have been replaced with government handouts and political correctness.

    Only if this nation humbles itself before God can we save America from itself. There will be no safe place to hide. Only through repentance can we be saved. Pray.

    Anonymous Patriot

  6. I agree with Anonymous Patriot....100%
    Thanks for writing it.
    Sandy in NC

  7. Proverbs 22:7
    The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.
    The countries that need bailing out, the so called PIIGS(Portugal,Italy,Ireland,Greece, and Spain), may have to give up their economic and political sovereignty to their creditors. Germany will finally have it's European empire. Conquered not with the bullet, but with the bankbook.

  8. I feel that some of this EU bail out may fall on the U.S. and the current W.H. occupant will bail them out or I should say we will to a point.

  9. Bail out as in save from or jump out. Bale as in bundle.

  10. My first thought reading the article was exactly articulated by Cyanworth. While Germany certainly has a right (and, frankly, a responsibility) to have some kind of oversight of the countries they keep afloat, my first thought was that a new empire is looming.

  11. I noticed that tidbit of news about Germany and "no more bailouts" as well, and the significance of it did not escape me.

    I, too, agree with Anonymous Patriot. While I have some hope that, given the right circumstances, this could turn out for the better, I also know that it is more likely that it will not. History is mostly the story of slavery, punctuated by brief moments of freedom for a blessed few.

  12. Anonymous Patriot - you're not the only one. Keeping my sense of humor around me like a shield is getting harder and harder each day. I laugh in the light, then when the kids are sound asleep, the awakening I am experiencing shakes me to the core at times. There is little, if anything, I can do to change the course of what I see coming, but there is a lot I can do to protect and provide for my children. That realization helps.

  13. It appears that Germany has finally learned to "Just Say NO" to the drug of spending!! Pain is on the way for those having to go off cold turkey.

  14. Germany, France and Spain (probably a few other ER countries too) are undoubtedly making plans right now to print a new currency for their country only. If the EU collapses the Euro will collapse. I don't see any reason for a war they will just return to pre-EU laws and currencies.

    If/when the Euro fails it will actually help the U.S. There are billions perhaps trillions of dollars in investments that smart investors would move from Europe to the U.S. or some other country. It won't save us but it will be another boost to our economy.

    At this point the only thing that would save us from a long drawn out depression and worse is impeach Obama and throw out enough democrats from the Senate to give Conservatives the full congress. However history has not shown that all Republicans are conservative and I doubt they would do much better in this circumstance. So the bottom line is I think we are in for some bad times. I also think the communist and unions (sorry, redundant) are making a strong effort to turn us into a Marxist/Socialist country. I do not know if they can succeed but I think it will result in open fighting in our streets. Prepare, it's later then you think. I cannot predict any better then anyone else but history tells us these things often happen suddenly and catch citizens unprepared. Right now the focus of the radical left seems to be New York (Wall Street). But the New York City police are exceptionally capable and the left would be stupid to choose that city to bring violence to the streets. So it will be somewhere else. My list of dangerous cities includes Philadelphia, Cinncinati, KC, and a few more. Where will the unions/communists shed blood to bring fundamental change to America???