Saturday, October 8, 2011

"A zygotic lump of tissue is not a person..."

Here's a fascinating little exchange between a writer named Leona Salazar and one of her readers on the issue of abortion.

This exchange occurred on Twitter, hence the abbreviated spelling.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME: What does execution (murder of a person) have to so with abortion (removal of a zygote that is not a person)? What?

JEFF (Someone who agreed with me): That is ur opinion. Not mine and definitely not God’s. Bible is my authority n all matters of faith &practice

ME: I agree with you Jeff. Life begins at conception.

ME: Article was abt delays in executions but those who won’t support laws which provide abortion waiting periods.

ME: I’m guessing most abortions occur way past the zygote stage.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME: A zygotic lump of tissue is not a person, regardless of how much you pray to your make-believe gods for it to be one.

SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T AGREE WITH ME: You’ve no epistemological principles. A ‘holy book’ & old men in costumes aren’t argument or evidence.

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  1. Each new soul carries a "Spark" of life from God.
    No matter what this person states, human cell division is alive.
    You either allow it to live...or you chose to kill
    that "Spark".

    God help and forgive those who self-hate and pretend to be more powerful than HIM to chose to erase their own future progeny and genetic generations of man.

    What arrogance!


  2. Well then, if it's JUST a zygote then why remove it? Amazing to think that all the pro-life people were once a zygote.

  3. This is the reason I don't tweet, blog, facebook, or anything else cyber....well, except comment on other people's blogs.

    My husband made a comment this morning after we struggled with the vindictive actions of a stranger. He said, "Everyone hates everyone these days. It's gotta stop."


    Just Me

  4. Wonder if that feller knows what a troll is? ;)

  5. we all know that when a zygote continues to divide and multiply its cells it has potential to becoming a human-eventually. my question is this: when does a human become a person?

  6. Yeah, tell it to sweet little Trig Palin, former zygote, now beloved and precious son....and all the other 'inconvenient' children whose mothers honored their right to live instead of killing them.

    God help America.

    A. McSp

  7. A zygotic lump of tissue? Oh heaven help us. I hope that person is sterile.

    Anonymous Patriot

  8. What would be the result, if they were to "stay the execution" of the zygote?